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How to know if you’re getting a bad facial

How to know if you’re getting a bad facial 2

You fork out a small fortune for your facial, but leave the salon feeling disappointed – most us of have experienced this at least once. But how do you know where it’s all gone wrong?

We asked our experts at Skin Renewal and apparently there are a couple of things your therapist should and shouldn’t do, and if they neglect these simple rules, you are entitled to complain.

Here’s how to know if you’re getting a bad facial:

1. You didn’t fill out a detailed form at your first treatment. That long form you fill out at reception may seem pointless, but your answers give the therapist valuable information about your skin, plus it informs her about possible underlying conditions. If you’re not expected to fill out a detailed form, it’s a red light.

2. Your therapist doesn’t examine your skin. Before any cleansing or exfoliation takes place, your therapist should do a close-up examination of your skin to identify problematic areas and concerns. And while doing this, she should be chatting to you about the products you use, treatments you’ve had and what you want to achieve from the facial or course of facials.

3. Her extractions leave you bruised or scarred. When done correctly, extractions will leave you blackhead-free without any evidence that they were done (except for a little bit of redness and sensitivity on the day). However, when done incorrectly, they can form sores, scabs, and even leave you with some bruising and a scar. If your skin looks worse after extractions than it did pre-extractions, they were done incorrectly.

4. She leaves you alone for too long. Ever notice that your therapist leaves the room after she’s applied your mask? A quick trip to the bathroom is acceptable, but if she stays away for more than five minutes it’s a problem. She should be there for you to chat to, and also in case of any reaction to the mask.

5. She didn’t talk you through the procedure. We understand that some people prefer peace and quiet during their treatment, but your therapist should be telling you what she’s doing, and which products she’s using. If you’re in and out without really understanding what the process entailed and what types of products were used on your skin, and why, it’s a problem.

6. The therapist rushes the massage and you don’t leave the treatment feeling relaxed. The best part of the facial should be the relaxation portion of the treatment where the therapist focuses on loosening up the tightness in the face and neck. If this part of the treatment is rushed or not done with intent and good knowledge of the facial anatomy, the facial can really feel rushed and “diluted”.

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