How to: shop for perfume

How to: shop for perfumeShopping for a new perfume can be overwhelming. Beauty Heaven has some helpful tips on how to find a new fragrance that you will love:

1. It’s not all about a ‘signature scent’, finding a scent for all occasions is great, but the fun thing about fragrance is that it can change with your mood and emotions, or according to your wardrobe, so if you find one you like – go for it!

2. Don’t shop for fragrance straight after lunch, as the food you eat can affect the odour of your skin, and disrupt the way a scent may normally sit on your skin.

3. Once you spritz a perfume on your wrist don’t make up your mind straight away. It’s important to allow the fragrance to develop, from the top notes, all the way through to the base of the perfume, which normally takes around ten minutes. Go for a walk, sniff your wrist a few times and then decide.

4. Be sure to spray perfume on your wrist and not straight onto the neck or décolletage, as the alcohol can irritate and dry the skin. Spritzing in the air above the head will ensure the scent falls into your hair and is distributed over a greater area.

5. It’s important not to ‘bruise’ the notes of the fragrance when testing; rubbing the inside of your wrists together can disrupt the layers of the fragrance and thus alter the way the scent develops.

6. Remember, fragrance smells a little different on everyone, depending on the acidity of our skin. Don’t purchase a perfume simply because it smells sensational on your bestie, be sure to try it on yourself first!

7. When buying a fragrance for the first time, don’t opt for 100ml because you love it, check which size is the best value for money; it’s not always the largest size.

8. Although it’s not entirely true that a fragrance ‘goes off’ it can definitely develop over time, depending on where it’s stored and what type of flacon it’s housed in. Keep perfume out of direct sunlight, in a cool area and ensure the bottle is airtight, keeping it in the box is also recommended. The combination of these will ensure the shelf life of your scent is extended.

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  1. Thanks although I never make up my mind immediately, I always spray it on in the shops and then go home to see if the smell is still on me. Great tips thank you.

  2. When I try perfume, I really search for that alluring smell that instantly lifts my spirit and gives me butterflies in the tummy. Then I know I hit the jackpot! :-)

  3. Really love this article. Just want to point out that It is very important not to try out too many perfumes in one day as all the scents together on your skin will play dirty tricks on your nose! Try and ask the sales assistant to help you find something, but remember to tell him/her what other perfumes you already have and what type of scent you’re into, so that you have a smaller selection rather than the whole perfume store to test/choose from. Remember, the name of the brand says a lot, but don’t always go for the brand you know – have a open mind, you never know what you going to find! .A.

  4. Thanks , I usually get caught when buying perfumes, also remember what smells amazing on one may not smell the same on you!!!!!

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