How to take care of your skin after an in-office procedure

How to take care of your skin after an in-office procedure 1

A good and regular skincare routine at home is a must for beautiful, glowing skin, but there’s only so much you can do yourself. If you’re wanting to truly fend off Father Time there’s nothing like an in-office treatment to reach the deeper layers of your skin. It’s with professional strength products and advanced tools like lasers and microdermabrasion systems that your doctor or therapist can help you reveal fresher, brighter looking skin, minimise the look of wrinkles, reduce the look of pigmentation and more.

Still, many treatments can leave your skin temporarily irritated or inflamed, even on a level that’s not visible to the eye, and it’s during this healing process that much of the ‘work’ gets done. For example, a laser treatment to tighten your skin essentially ‘wounds’ it and it’s during the resultant repair process that your skin produces more collagen. This is why it’s important that what you use in the wake of any in-office treatment doesn’t irritate your skin yet keeps it feeling comfortable and hydrated.

If you experience an in-office treatment at Skin Renewal your doctor or therapist will ensure you leave with a clear idea of all the post-treatment dos and don’ts specific to your procedure but there are a few basics you can take as a given.

Do use the products recommended by your therapist.

Potent actives like retinol and even vitamin C as well as exfoliants can cause irritation, even when your skin isn’t especially fragile, so it’s very important that you leave the office knowing exactly what you can and can’t use. Your therapist may recommend products that you can take home with you or run through your daily skincare routine to ensure you’re not going to apply anything with the potential to cause inflammation.

Do apply products that hydrate and soothe.

Two of the most common ingredients found in ‘soothing’ skin care products are menthol and lavender oil but they can actually irritate your skin. Also, just because something is labelled as a ‘hydrator’ doesn’t mean it won’t have other things in that could inflame so again, chat to your therapist or doctor who’ll steer you in the right direction.

Don’t try and speed up the healing process.

Yes, it’s very tempting to pick at a flake of peeling skin but don’t do it! Let any peeling flake away naturally on its own. Even overstimulating the area with an exfoliant, be it chemically with an AHA product or mechanically with a scrub, is the fast track to inflammation.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

After a treatment that causes any kind of sensitivity, especially those using lasers or a peel, will cause your skin to be even more vulnerable to the sun. Also, any unprotected UV exposure during this especially sensitive time can cause a surge of pigmentation that’ll only become visible later. This completely negates your end goal, especially if you’ve had a treatment to help even out your complexion.

If you treat your skin with the TLC it needs after an in-office treatment, something Skin Renewal’s highly skilled therapists, nurses, and doctors can easily help you with, it’s easy to capitalise on the amazing benefits of an in-office treatment as well as speed up the healing process.

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  1. Thanks for reminder to wear sunscreen. Also Important to wear sunscreen after exfoliating at home or if you use a Alpha Hydroxy serum.

  2. I had never even thought of any of these tips! Will definitely be sticking to these rules post in-office treatments

  3. This is very informative especially since im guilty of trying to remove scabs by over exfoliating. Little did I know i was doing more harm than good. Thanx for the info

  4. Definatly go according to the drs orders, you pay alot of money for the procedure, so make sure you keep direction

  5. I don’t know if I would ever go for any of these procedures, but maybe in the future.

  6. So true are these tips. My therapist explained the same tips when I went for my last skin peel.

  7. Hello. I just wanted to find out, when is the right to actually go for laser treatments? Sometimes I feel that doing it at an early age might not be a very good idea?

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