Increase hair volume and boost growth

Increase hair volume and boost growth 1
At times, bouncy healthy-looking hair seems only attainable in the Instagram-sphere OR if you have a full-time hair stylist on hand. Which, let’s be honest, we won’t mind, but what mere mortal with a regular income can afford that? Instead, we have to rely on our street smarts and insider info for envy-worthy hair.

In case you didn’t know, hair is actually dead… like our souls before we have that first cup of coffee in the morning. No, but seriously the moment our hair ‘leaves’ the scalp it’s physiologically dead. It’s not connected to any nerves or blood vessels and if it was, just imagine how painful a haircut would be. (Admittedly, for some of us a haircut can be quite painful, especially if you and the hair stylist are not on the same page, though that’s a discussion for another time.) BUT that doesn’t mean you have to treat it like it’s dead, you should treat it like the fragile strands they are especially considering everything we put it through.

First thing first, healthy hair can only grow from a healthy body. If your diet basically consists of sugar, caffeine and refined foods your hair will show it. Mineral deficiencies often cause hair loss, so make sure your diet is rich in protein (the building blocks of hair), vitamin C, iron, omega 3, calcium and magnesium. It’s best not to rely too much on supplements unless prescribed by your doctor. Instead, opt for fresh foods such as yoghurt, salmon, spinach, almonds, eggs, nuts, lentils, oatmeal. You know the drill.

Think before you bleach and flat iron your hair. Karli Kloss really pulled a Kim Kardashian on us with that platinum blonde she debuted at the beginning of the month. This, of course, caused an avalanche of women to call their colourists and demand to be even blonder than Kloss. And while products like Olaplex are wonderful, the whole colour process inevitably causes hair breakage and thinning. “Over-styling, especially with a flat iron will fight volume,” says Candi Morim, Educator for Sorbet Drybar. Instead, she suggests embracing rough drying, “flip your hair over and dry until it’s about 90 percent dry. Then go to work with your round brush. You can also apply a root booster to the crown of the head, but use it sparingly.”

You know when you’re sick and there’s really only so much those effervescent tablets can do, so you make an appointment with a doctor? Well, it’s the same with home hair care treatments. Sometimes it’s just better to consult a professional. Salons usually have a) the knowledge to treat whatever is wrong and b) access to treatments and products that are not available ‘over the counter’. Sorbet Drybars now offer Inoar’s Hair Botox Treatment (from R690). So what’s the deal with hair botox? It’s formulated with wheat germ and argan oil, shea butter, keratin, glycolic acid and vitamin to plump up hair for a fuller, but manageable look and promote hair growth. Basically all the good stuff! Head to your nearest Sorbet Drybar or check online for more. We will be trying out the hair botox treatment soon. Reviews to follow!

Products to try for full, voluminous hair:

Increase hair volume and boost growth 2

1) TRESemmé Expert Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, R89,99 each

2) Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo, R110

3) Tangle Teezer Radial Styling Brush, R300

4) Perfectil Original Triple Active Tablets for Skin, Hair and Nails, R130

5) Kardashian Beauty K-Body Volume Foam, R450


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  1. After having had a Brazilian treatment on my hair about 2 years ago my hair was super flat and boring, I can say Nanogen is great for hair growth and volume – Immediate effects!

  2. Hair loss and thinning….uurgggghh, the joys of ageing! Definitely would like to try the Perfectil Original Triple Active Tablets for Skin, Hair and Nails. I find my nails are becoming more brittle :(

  3. Excellent article, would like to try the product and see if it will actually give my hair some volume

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