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How to: care for your Bantu knots

How to: care for your Bantu knots 2With Spring around the corner, it’s almost time to start rocking the ever popular Bantu knot again for those with healthy natural hair. By now most of you have mastered the art of the perfect coil but a few readers have asked for advice on how to care for them, especially at night, so they’ll last longer. We asked Taryn Gill, the creator, and owner of The Perfect Hair, a proudly South African hair care range for wavy, curly and kinky coily hair. Taryn’s dream was to produce a natural range specifically for curly hair that would be free from sulphates, silicones and parabens. So there’s no grease, just love, and goodness! At the same time, she has been active in raising awareness about the natural hair movement in Southern Africa with campaigns such as #bringbackmyhairline. Here are her top tips…

* Make sure hair is clean; this will allow you to keep the style on for longer. After a co-wash and a deep condition, twist using a styling cream like The Perfect Kinky Coil Styler, R199,99.
* When taking Bantu knots down, they must be completely dry or else the curls will not be defined.
* Apply any coconut-based oil, like The Perfect High Shine Spray, R229,99 onto your hands before unraveling the curls, it helps combat frizz by adding further moisture.
* Use your fingers rather than a comb to lift roots because it causes less frizz and that way you do not comb your curls out.

Night time routine:

* Tie your hair up in a pineapple (a loose, high ponytail on top of your head) using a hair tie or silk scrunchie. This way only the back and sides of your hair will be subject to any nighttime tossing and turning and prevents knots and flattened curls that come with lying on a pillow. Make sure that all curls are hanging out of the ponytail. They should not be caught in the hair tie or your curls will be disrupted.
* Cover curls with a satin bonnet or silk scarf.

Morning routine:

* Take down and style as desired.
* Remember to be very gentle when unraveling curls and styling. Refresh using water and styling cream mixed together in a spray bottle.
* When hair becomes dry and dull – usually by day three or four – use a refresher spray.

When buying a product to care for your style:

It’s really important to know your curl. Different curl types need different nourishment and active ingredients to keep your hair and scalp healthy. So we have designed three different ranges – for wavy, curly and kinky coily hair texture – using different active ingredients to treat and style with maximum effect. You can read more and shop the whole range here.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the tips – My next hair look as my hair is short any tips on braided ones

  2. I can never get my bantu knots to stay without using bobby pins or something. I’m hoping it’s because my hair is still quite short and doesn’t taper off nicely. Or should I be putting products on once I’ve taken my knots out to make my hair less slippery?

  3. I can never get bantu knots right I gave up on these, even my twists are a sad sight

  4. Yes!!! This is a must try!! I’m on a afro journey, this looks. Like the product for me

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