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[Sponsored] Shield understands that as humans, we all move on a daily basis and often require more protection as the day progresses. Have you noticed how your anti-perpsirants freshness fades as the day goes on? Armed with this understanding, Shield has continued to push the boundaries, bringing you the innovative and advanced NEW Shield MotionSense™; the World’s first anti-perspirant with unique MotionSense™ microcapsules activated by movement.

Redefining the category of anti-perspirants, NEW Shield MotionSense™ features innovative microcapsule technology that responds directly to movement. The product’s microcapsules are activated by friction, causing them to burst and release freshness as you move through the day. Essentially, the more you move, the more this NEW Shield MotionSense™ works, keeping you fresher for longer.

Shield has launched it’s NEW MotionSense™ technology into the market by adding it to many of their already established products variants, including Shield Fresh Musk for Men and Shield Fresh Confidence for Women.

Contrary to popular perception which sees Shield as simply another sports brand, Shield’s NEW MotionSense™ technology has allowed them to redefine what they stand for, catering for MOVERS, that is to say everyone, ranging from individuals that work at desk jobs to professional athletes.

To demonstrate just how effective NEW Shield MotionSense™ really is Shield has chosen two personalities with busy, active lifestyles, Metro FM DJ and Idols judge, Unathi Msengana, and Former Top Billing presenter and Man Cave host, Janez Vermeiren, to test the new product in the #ShieldItsYourMove Challenges.

Here Unathi and Janez will engage in various movement challenges in order to showcase just how much they move on a daily basis and how Shield MotionSense™ keeps them protected no matter what! Our movers will set each other movement challenges as well as do exciting challenges sent by our fans, ensuring that they move as much as they possible can.

Follow the excitement on as well as on Shield South Africa on Facebook, @Shield_ZA on Twitter or shieldza on Instagram.


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