Japanese beauty products you won’t believe

We love experiencing beauty products that come from different countries, and in recent years the Japanese products we’ve come across online have captured our attention (and most often, left us speechless). Known for their elaborate skincare regimes and love for make-up, the Japanese don’t hold back when it comes to inventing beauty products. Whether you’re scared of them, or wish you could give them a go, these are some of the most amusing products to come out of the East:


1. The nose straightener
Designed to balance, tighten and lift your nose, the Hana Tsun Nose Straightener clips into your nostrils and comfortably stays in place until you choose to remove it. It’s recommended you use it for twenty minutes a day to achieve results.


2. The face belt
Battling with the signs of ageing? The Kogao! Smile Line Face Belt is a nylon face cover that, when worn, is suppose to tighten up your cheeks and facial contours to give you a more youthful appearance. The belt traps heat, which the manufacturer says will help to minimise wrinkles (we’re not quite sold on this claim!).


3. Animal face masks
Inspired by a Sumatran tiger and giant panda bears at the Ueno Zoo in Japan, these masks are extremely entertaining for the people around you! They contain vitamin C, collagen and a host of other nourishing ingredients. A portion of all profits go towards protecting tigers and pandas, making them a wonderful feel-good present.


4. Fake crooked teeth
All that money you spent on braces would have gone to waste in Japan after the “snaggleteeth” craze came about. A couple of pop stars branded themselves the “snaggleteeth” girls, and suddenly Japanese women everywhere were deliberately trying to make their teeth crooked. This kit allows you make your own teeth that fit the shape of your mouth, and your existing teeth.


5. Nipple lightening cream
Apparently there is a bit trend in Japan in which women try to lighten their nipples, in the hope that they will be more pink in colour. Pinky Queen Cream is a nipple mask that peels off after it has dried for 10 to 20 minutes. It’s designed to remove wrinkles, roughness and to lighten the skin.


6. The face slimmer
This little device is designed to help you practice vowel sounds, which supposedly helps perk up saggy skin around the mouth, giving you a more youthful appearance (these movements are supposed to strengthen muscles in the face, making it firmer).

Which of these products do you find the most amusing?

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10 Responses

  1. Seems to good to be true..The face belt is impressive!! I wonder if this really does the trick….youthful skin. Has anyone tried it?

  2. I don’t know, it seems odd, and who says these products does work? Except for the face masks, which are really cute, the rest seems like money making schemes to exploit individuals’ insecurities.

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