Why do I feel nauseous after training?

I just kicked into the habit of exercising (it’s my second consecutive week at the gym). All is going well, my fitness is building up gradually but sometimes if I go in real hard I feel nauseous. What is the cause? Could it be my diet? Yesterday the last meal I had was a piece of steak, green salad and sweet potato but I got sick.


Fitness expert Lisa Raleigh responds:

“It’s not uncommon for those who are newbies to feel nauseous, especially if you are working with an experienced trainer who is likely to push you! That said, it’s not ideal, and you could simply be exercising beyond your means for your first two weeks. Do you eat a reasonable amount of time beforehand? If it’s a big meal, it needs to be roughly an hour and a half before, and if it’s a snack, aim for at least 30 minutes before. Hard exercise immediately after eating often ends in disaster! Water is also a big one – whether you feel thirsty or not, you need to sip on water throughout a strenuous workout.”

You can ask Lisa your fitness questions here.

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8 Responses

  1. If you going to workout for the first time without warming up then it may cause you to feel nauseous especially if you push yourself more than you should

  2. Exercising on an empty stomach can make you feel nauseous too! Especially if you overwork yourself.

  3. thanks i didnt see my question was answered :) will see how i work around it, i do sip alot of water & sometimes my last meal was hours before working out.

  4. Never had this problem before. I always try at least an hour before working out.

  5. I had this problem when I started going to gym. I would get dizzy and this almost stopped me from going to gym. I was advised by a friend to drink more water and also have oats an hour or 2hours before my workout.

  6. This happens to me quite often and I have just realised its also because i feel i cant eat in the morning, so maybe having a snack maybe a banana will help.

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