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Most people can tell you how uncomfortable an inflamed, itchy, irritated skin feels like. It is normally associated with conditions such as eczema, allergic reactions, insect bites and many others. Since skin irritations have numerous causes, there are also various lines of treatment specific to each condition. Treatments are directed at limiting itching, repairing the skin and decreasing inflammation first.

Topical anti-inflammatory drugs including hydrocortisone or glucocortisone are common first-line treatments for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. These treatments however have unwanted side effects such skin thinning and skin burning or further irritation. There natural alternatives such as Dermikelp cream which can help without the worry of the unwanted side effects.

Dermikelp cream is a complementary natural solution that contains CEM-K, a proprietary extract of kelp, which is clinically proven to rapidly relieve skin irritations associated with eczema, contact dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis (e.g. dandruff, cradle cap) and insect bites. Dermikelp cream is cortisone free, dermatologicall tested and suitable for all ages including babies.

Dermikelp cream can be used on its own or to complement your current medication that is recommended by your doctor or pharmacist to help soothe an inflamed, itchy, irritated skin.

It available through pharmacies without prescription. Dermikelp skincare come in a range of solutions, which is the cream which can be applied onto the face and body; shampoo for the scalp and moisturizing lotion to help re-hydrate and soothe the skin. Speak your healthcare provider about Dermikelp skincare range of products. Should you with to know more about the products you can alos visit our website and see what other users of Dermikelp have said about the product on the Testimonial section.

Dermikelp® skincare range is available in pharmacies without prescription.


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  1. My daughter age 10 has these dry patches and ezcema. This cream was standing in my bathroom for weeks. My son bought somerime ago. Used for 24 hours on her skin and was amazed at the results. Soft and smooth and she is smiling no more itching. I’m so grateful now thank you for this wonderful product will recommend it to anybody with dry skin. Wow really fantastic. I used the 100g cream tube.

  2. I have experienced contact dermatitis before, but never searched for a treatment cream. Thank you for this post. I will make a note to remember this product for future reference.

  3. Will get a tube for insect bites or topical dermatitis than I sometimes get due to an allergic reaction to washing powder residue.

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