Know your face shape

We all know a good hair cut can make you feel like a million bucks. Just like a bad one can have you hiding in your room cursing your luck (and your hairdresser). Fortunately, the secret to a great haircut is simple. It all comes down to knowing your face shape and what will suit it best. Because hairstyles are about geometry and shape it’s all about putting the perfect frame around your face to balance everything out. The basic rule is that you’re trying to mimic the oval face shape as it is the most aesthetically pleasing shape and most hairstyles look good with it. To mimic this shape, long faces need shortening just as wide faces need lengthening.

Know your face shape

Now let’s see what celebrities are doing with their hair these days and if they’re getting it right.

Know your face shape - Reese and HalleReese Witherspoon always seems to have great hair. Whether it’s long or short she is very rarely seen without a side swept fringe. Here is one actress who really knows how to work her classic heart shaped face. Wider at the top with a slightly pointed chin, it’s important to try and balance out the face so that it doesn’t look too top heavy. This is why a side swept fringe is perfect as it draws attention down towards the eyes minimising the top half of the face, while her long waves soften her pointy chin. Reese knows what looks good on her and a brow grazing fringe is another winner as it hides a big forehead and draws attention up away from the chin.

Another cut which is great for the heart shaped face is the pixie hair cut. This is why Halle Berry looks so good with her short hair. This haircut emphasises her eyes and cheekbones, with a bit of volume at the top so that the face doesn’t look too short.

Know your face shape - Cameron and MichelleCameron Diaz and Michelle Williams are perfect examples of the round face and both of these hairstyles, although vastly different, look great on them. With round faces it’s important to try and elongate the face. Cameron does this with a long straight cut with a middle part because it creates the illusion of length and doesn’t add body to the side of the face, emphasising the roundness. Michelle Williams on the other hand has opted for a short style and it works just as well. With a round face you never want short hair to fall flat against the sides of the head so the layers and longer bangs are a must and add definition to Michelle’s soft features. The texture at the top adds lift to her round face, elongating it. One thing you will note about both Cameron and Michelle is that they never have a straight cut fringe as this shortens the face.

Know your face shape - AngelinaAngelina Jolie is another celeb who knows how to work her face shape. She has a classic square-shaped face with a strong angular jaw which means she should avoid dead straight hair or hair that is too short and bluntly cut. These hairstyles would emphasize the squareness of her face so she stays away from these types of hairstyles. She looks best with a side swept fringe or layered hair falling around her face.

Each of these celebrities knows exactly what suits them and what doesn’t and it all comes down to face shape. Knowing your face shape will help you pick out the best hairstyle possible, while promoting the good and minimising the less pleasing aspects of your face.


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  1. Stuck between oval & round (” -_-)…I don’t know where I fall under!

  2. I think I have an oval face, my husband says round………well then I am between round and oval :-)

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