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Local vegan beauty

Maybe #Veganuary was the best thing to happen to you in years, or maybe you spent every minute of it in dairy-free hell. Either way, one simple way to follow-through with those good intentions is to give your makeup bag a vegan shakeup.

No honey, no beeswax, no lanolin, no carmine, and no keratin. It sounds heavy, but we think you can pull it off. And why not do it with a bevvy of local brands also proudly flying a cruelty-free flag?! Here’s our pick of the best.


‘It’ brand, SKOON, is where science meets nature for a casual hang, and the results are beautiful – and effective. Founded by local engineer, Stella Ciolli, SKOON prioritises safe, natural formulations that are proven to work. They also stocked of-the-moment ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acid well before other cult brands, like Europe’s Deciem. We’re in love with their limited edition Hope Body Oil – a collaboration with renowned distillery, Hope on Hopkins – but many of their products are vegan-friendly.


The Skin Creamery have a small range of highly-curated products, and we think they’re also knockout experts at subtle, natural fragrances.  Use their Everyday Face and Body Cream on newly-cleansed skin for an all-day, fresh feel, or try the Facial Cleansing Powder with baobab and bentonite, which can also be used as a clay mask. Both vegan, both fab.


The adorably-named Lulu & Marula are named for their star ingredient, marula oil – a feature in all of their formulations. Many of their products are vegan, including their regular sell-out Balancing Cleanser Bar. The Purifying Treatment Oil is also a must-try.


Mother and daughter duo make up part of the team behind this vegan-first brand that’s been around since 1994. They’d be forgiven for resting on hard-earned laurels, but Ecologic are always innovating and exploring the latest in the natural skincare industry. Try their Harvest Moon Facial Tea for something different, or stick to the classic Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover.

By Aléz Odendaal

Love local? Read more about which homegrown brands can help your skin get silky-smooth here.

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5 Responses

  1. I adore Skoon and Skin Creamery. Both are excellent ranges. Esse is also a good quality range which is vegan friendly.

  2. I knew about the vegan diet but not about vegan beauty products. Never heard of some of these brands but will give them a try

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