Double-cleansing! What is it, and should you be doing it?

The words ‘double-cleansing’ are having a definite moment. Throughout the beauty world, on blogs, Insta, and even podcasts – the trend borrowed from Korean skincare routines has us doubling-down on removing makeup and dirt. But what, exactly, is it? And should you be doing it? Let’s find out.

Double-cleansing - is it for you?

What is double-cleansing?

It’s all in the name, actually. It’s washing your face as usual, but twice. One right after the other.

What are the benefits?

With Instagram came the democratisation of makeup techniques. Things that had been kept as close industry secrets were suddenly available to anyone with some foundation and a couple of makeup brushes. But along with contouring, baking, and a heavier lip and eye, came a greater challenge for your cleanser.

During the beauty world’s ‘natural’ phase, your cleanser only had to deal with the basics. Easy. Suddenly it had to contend with *LAYERS* of makeup. Imagine coming to work one day to find out you suddenly had two jobs on one salary? Uh-uh. Not cool.

So, double-cleansing helps with this. Washing your skin twice means you get any muck left over from the first wash. And you only need to do it once to see just how much stuff your normal routine has been missing. It’s a little freaky, really. Try it, you’ll see.

Double-cleansing also means your skin is perfectly prepped to receive all the benefits from your serums and other nighttime-only products. Perfect!

How do you do it?

There are a few different ways to go about this. Some like to use a gentle makeup remover over their skin first (not part of the double-cleanse), while others go straight to a cleanser. Some use their regular cleanser – whether it be milky, jelly, or oily – twice, one after another, while others prefer to mix up the cleansing prods.

But, look. This is getting unnecessarily complicated. Do what works for you or try this: Start off with an oil product, or balm. Spread it over your face using little circular movements. Then press a clean, damp, warm (not hot, and not cold) face cloth over your skin for a few seconds in every section. On your one cheek, then the other, then your forehead, then your chin. First cleanse done and dusted. Now take a foaming or milky cleanser and apply it to your face, again with small ad soft circular motions. Wash off as normal. Ta-da! You smashed it. Now continue with the rest of your routine, and get ready to wake up with knock-out gorgeous skin.

If you have a question on double-cleansing, or any other skincare concern, why not ask our Skin Renewal experts?! They’re on call and ready to give you individualised advice. Can you believe?  

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6 Responses

  1. The double cleanse changed my routine completely and really refined and improved my skin texture. I use cleansing balm first followed by a low Ph cleanser and it’s been a revelation. I used to just wash and go but this has been great for me!

  2. I tried the Garnier micellar water and it removes make up quite easily and leaves my skin residue free and clean. I sometimes feel like I need a rinse with plain old water just for that freshly washed feeling when using soap and water

  3. The Nivea Micellar 3in1 cleansing water does an awesome job at removing makeup- even if it is waterproof or layered.

    1. I strongly agree with you howwever I feel it necessary to just wash my face afterwards

    1. Lulu & Marula do a wonderful cleansing balm that you can also use as a moisturising mask.

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