Love your hair with DRUM

Last month DRUM magazine launched the first issue of the ‘ultimate hair guide for black women’. After paging through the issue, we got to chat to DRUM editor, Makhosazana Zwane-Siguqa, about the new extension of the brand and her thoughts on black hair.

Love your hair with DRUM magazine

BeautySA: Is this a regular issue?

Makhosazana: We aim to make it a seasonal brand extension. The first one is dated Spring/Summer 2012 so the next one will be Autumn /Winter

BeautySA: How often will it be published?

Makhosazana: It will depend on market support and response. But I’m hoping it will be as regular as four times a year.

BeautySA: What was the reasoning/driving factor behind publishing DRUM Hair?

Makhosazana: Given the size of market and spend on hair, there was an obvious gap in the market.

BeautySA: What are the biggest trends in the South African hair industry?

Makhosazana: There is no singular trend. What is considered trendy in one region differs a great deal to the next. There is also a massive shift towards individual expression. Ethnic trends are also in as more and more people embrace being African.

BeautySA: Cosmetic companies and sometimes even the media tend to skirt the issue of calling, well, black hair, ‘black hair’. They often don’t mention it at all but tend to bring their point across with images of the type of women who should be using the product(s). What do you think about this? Should we all just come out and call a spade a spade?

Makhosazana: Yes – black hair is black hair. There’s no point in calling it anything other than what it is. We are ok with our black hair. We love it and love the fact that we can change it to suit whatever mood or mode we’re in. I am black so I have black hair. That’s what I tell my kids.

BeautySA: Some women have grown tired of the natural vs weave vs braids debate, and have voiced their opinion that we should all just ‘get over it’. Do you think we should let go of this debate?

Makhosazana: Yes. This debate will never end as hair is very individualistic. I wear mine the way I want it. It’s my choice and as such I respect everyone’s. Our slogan at DRUM Hair is ‘love your hair’ – be it weaved, chemically treated (relaxed), natural, braided, etc. It’s yours.

BeautySA: Where do you stand in the debate?

Makhosazana: There are many who would want to disrespect personal choice to a point of belittling others over their choice of hair style. There are just so many conversations worth having instead of focusing on what or how other women wear their hair.

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  1. Hi AmyR. Unfortunately we do not know if Drum Hair is still in print. It would be best to contact Drum Magazine directly to enquire about this.

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