Make it the year of the skin

Make it the year of the skin 1

It’s your largest organ and covers your entire body – all the more reason to put skin care at the top of your beauty resolutions list for 2017. Here are some tips.

Respect your skin

You probably don’t know everything about this strong, supple, soft, sensitive shell you live in. Do you know if it’s oily, dry or a combination? Do you know if its undertone is warm, cool or neutral? Does yours need any special attention? Talking to an expert is definitely worth the effort.

Wear sunscreen every day

Sure, you must hear this every day, especially in summer (which is not the only time to do it, by the way). Wear sunscreen. It might be the simplest way to prevent signs of ageing and it protects you against harmful rays. Decide to wear sunblock every day of the year. Don’t complain that it is greasy or runs into your eyes and makes them burn. Find the formula that works for you.

Sleep with a naked face

Guess what suffers when you’re too lazy to clean your face thoroughly before bedtime. That’s right, your skin. Prepare for allergies and breakouts as the sprawling organ tries to rejuvenate itself while you sleep and find its pores blocked. Use a cleanser and water. If you’re out on your feet, get it done quickly with a cleansing wipe.

Read the labels

You trawl BSA to read about classics or new products and to find the five-star stuff that will make you look like a million bucks. Do you take this much trouble to find out how to use them? Check the labels and inserts so you can use each product correctly and in the right order. Take your time so each can be absorbed by your skin before you move on.

And store your potions properly. Many can deteriorate in light, humidity or severe cold and heat. Follow the instructions and find a spot where they’ll be happy and where you can keep them organised. Toss out anything past the expiry date or any product, even expensive ones, that doesn’t look or smell the same as when you bought it.

Remember your body

Skin needs care from head to toe. Try to show your body the same love as your face.

Your skin sheds up to 40 000 dead cells per minute – that’s a lot of potential pore clogging. Exfoliate your body, too, and don’t just make it a quick rub-down with that grubby loofa hanging from the shower spout. Skin is thicker on your body than on your face and neck, so you need a slightly firmer scrub. Try viscose hand towels so you can get into all the corners.

Moisturising is as important from the neck down as up. Spare five minutes after your shower to massage moisturiser into the skin all over your body – upward strokes on arms and legs, circular on the rest to get rid of tension and relax muscles.

Two areas that can just dream of the care you give to your face are your neck and chest. When you moisturise your face, just spread the lotion down to cover these two bits as well.

Hands off!

Some researchers say we touch our faces two to five times per minute. This “self-inoculation” – moving germs between your hands and face – is particularly bad while you have a cold or flu. Even worse is going at pimples, blackheads or scabs. You’re creating a moist new entry point for bacteria, spreading infection and creating new problems. So use quality cleansing products and don’t touch.

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5 Responses

  1. Sleeping with make-up on can damage your skin. Never get lazy to wash your face before bed time. I usually keep a set of make up removers on my bed side just incase I get very lazy to walk to the bathroom to wash my face.

  2. This year is dedicated to my skin. I have decided after years of acne that I need to do something about it. I have recently started a diet I call “eat for skin”. I am going to love my skin. Great article!

  3. I am guilty of only taking care of my face when the entire body should also be looked after.

  4. One tends to give special attention to ones face only.Yes, it is just as important to give the rest of your body the same care.

  5. It’s ESSENTIAL to wash your face PROPERLY before bedtime and in the morning. Nothing beats the feeling of clean skin! And ALWAYS use a high SPF sunscreen irrespective of the season.

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