Male grooming finally gets the Dove Treatment

Dove Men+Care rangeWhen it comes to male grooming, men across the world feel that they are portrayed in adverts and campaigns in a way that does not reflect them as they see themselves. According to research, 63% of men feel that they are made to look too rich, too athletic, too metrosexual and too much like a lady’s man.

Enter: Dove Men+Care

The new Dove Men+Care range has been specifically designed for men to feel comfortable in their skin. None of the products will leave you feeling dry and itchy and uncomfortable. Their new product range includes anti-perspirants and a body and face shower gel.

The new anti-perspirants are available in three formats: aerosol, roll-on and stick, and are available in a variety of fragrances. And as someone who is used to being asphyxiated when my beloved sprays his anti-perspirant, I am pleased to say, that it smells really, really good. Even the animals have stopped scarpering from the room when he sprays.

The Body and Face Shower is clinically proven to fight skin dryness. And isn’t it clever that you can use one product on your face and body?

This is what our reviewer had to say when he tested the Body & Face Shower Gel:

I loved the fact that I could throw one bottle of the Dove Extra Fresh Shower Gel into my gym bag and I could use it on my face and body. The gel was much thicker than body washes I have used before; therefore I felt that I didn’t have to use as much. It has a pleasant smell and I like the masculine packaging. After my gym workout and shower I felt refreshed and invigorated when walking out!

Aerosol R20.99  |  Roll-on R14.99  |  Stick R34.99  |  Body and Face Shower Gel 250ml, R25.99

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