Mascara cheats worth knowing

Cheats to applying mascara

Most women who wear make-up won’t leave the house without mascara. It’s the single item that can take you from looking your usual self, to looking wide awake, flirty and bright eyed. Applying it is easy enough, but with some insights on the product, you can learn to make the most out of your favourite little wand. Here, our cheats to getting the most out of your mascara.

Cheats to prevent clumping
* If you’re applying more than one coat of mascara, never allow a coat to dry before applying the next. Applying wet mascara over dry mascara is sure to leave you with clumps.
* Remove any excess product from your wand before applying your mascara by gently wiping it on a tissue.
* While your lashes are wet, sweep a clean, dry mascara wand through them to remove any clumps. Some stores sell clean ones solely for this purpose, but you can also create your own one by thoroughly washing and drying a wand from an old mascara tube.
* Close your eye and carefully pull the mascara wand through the top of your lashes from root to tip. This works wonders in removing clumps.

Cheats to make the most of your product (and your lashes)
* Some women swear by only wearing mascara on their top lashes, but if you want to open your eyes and make them appear wider, add a few slicks to your bottom lashes as well.
* If you’re used to getting mascara all over your skin when applying it to your bottom lashes, carefully place a tissue underneath your lash line – this will capture any excess product. Or try the spoon trick some folks swear by. Simply hold a teaspoon gently against the upper eyelid and apply the mascara, any residue will coat the spoon and not your lids.
* Instead of pulling the wand through your lashes in one rapid movement, wiggle it from left to right as you slowly move it through the lengths of your lashes. This action separates the lashes and also helps give the base of your lashes a bit more volume.
* Curl your eyelashes with an at-home eyelash curler. Not only does it make your eyes appear larger, but it widens them too. Plus your lashes will start to resemble the lashes in mascara adverts thanks to their new shape!


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