Your foundation questions answered

Make-up artist answers your foundation questions

We gave you the opportunity to ask make-up artist Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch some of your most burning beauty questions on social media. Here’s what she had to say to the questions she received on foundation.

1. Which full cover foundation is the best for a low budget?Cornel Smith

The budget brands available in SA really only stock liquid or mousse foundations and these are really for sheer to medium coverage and will never give you a full coverage finish. When I look for a full coverage foundation it’s usually a stick foundation of which the Bobbi Brown is my favourite as it covers, but also leaves a beautiful finish. The closest I have found for a more fuller cover (on a budget) is the Bourjois BB Cream 8-1 compact as it has a stick foundation finish but is more matte in texture, making it better for combination to oily skin types. If you are really looking for fuller coverage I would suggest spending a little more and trying MAC or Bobbi Brown for the fuller coverage.

2. Do you have to use a primer before foundation? I haven’t used one as yet.Loshini Munsamy

You don’t necessarily have to use primer but it does help with your foundation lasting longer. Primer is great if you suffer from oily skin or blemish-prone skin. There are oil-free primers that help mattify the skin and allows your foundation to last for hours. Myself personally, I don’t use one. I make sure I have cleansed, toned and moisturised before I apply foundation. There are also hydrating primers that are great to give your skin a glow without making skin shiny. I use a lot of primers when I am on a shoot, especially for dark skinned girls and girls that needed some extra hydration. Smashbox have a great collection of primers for all skin types and conditions.

3. When applying a mouse or liquid foundation, do I need to apply something underneath my skin?Patience Motau

When applying any make-up on to your face you need to prep your skin first – this part can’t be skipped. Either a moisturiser or a primer so as to ensure your skin is hydrated and that your foundation lasts longer. The primer option is the best in terms of foundation lasting much longer. Primers are best if you suffer from oily skin and struggle with foundation lasting. There are primers with oil-free formulas and mattifying formulas, or if you suffer from dull-looking skin there are brightening and hydrating primers that give that glow and keep foundation on longer as well. Basically, a primer is a great canvas for your foundation and can keep make-up in place for up to 10 hours. I personally just moisturise and spritz my skin with a fixing spray infused with vitamins and minerals which helps restrict the pores and leaves my skin looking and feeling amazing with a dewy finish.

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  1. I very rarely use foundation so these tips really come in handy because I know very little about applying foundation.

    1. I have noticed using a primer before foundation. This is a must for a flawless skin.

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