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On a threadBeautySouthAfrica visited the trendy Urban Apothecary salon in Wembley Square to learn how eyebrow threading really works. This specific technique originated in India and has now become rather popular in South Africa. This hair removal technique is not just for your brows, but can be used to remove other facial and bodily hairs.

Also known as fatlah or khite, which are Arabic words for threading, it is a great alternative to waxing, and offers less damage to the skin. Eyebrow threading involves using a thin piece of cotton and twisting it into a double stranded thread. This thread is then used to pick up a line of hair and remove it. The beautician may want to tidy it up more by trimming the hairs and brushing them after the process.

This technique allows for a quick, precise, clean hairline. Another added benefit is that it removes the hair from the follicle; therefore it offers longer lasting effects. You would need to go for a repeat visit after about four weeks.

Eyebrow threading, R80 at Urban Apothecary. For more information and prices email info@urbanapothcary.co.za.

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  1. Immediately after threading take an ice cube and rub over the threaded area and it soothes the skin as well as prevents breakouts. I wouldn’t use any other method of facial hair removing.

  2. I prefer tweezing although threading is also a good method. Waxing is off my list. I don’t get that perfect brow that tweezing gives me. With tweezing you can control your shape.

  3. Would love to try this, wax is painful and I cannot wax my face, first and last te I did that I ended up with a breakout as I’m prone to acne and I still have the marks to this day.

  4. I prefer threading over waxing any day! And there is no pulling of the skin so thats an added bonus.

  5. I have always threaded by brows. I pay R50 at my local beauty salon..heard that its about R80-R100 for a full face at some places in jbh..which is a great price for a month long hair free face..

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