Organic Esse review

They say: Esse is certified organic by Ecocert France, which enforces minimum organic percentages and bans unsafe or unsustainable ingredients, and audits production facilities and traceability of all raw materials. Esse also supports Fair Trade in Africa, is animal cruelty free and is working on becoming carbon neutral.

The plants used in their products are all sustainably harvested from the wild by local communities.

Organic Esse review says:
I love the idea of organic products. It makes absolute sense to me to use only natural products on my skin and ethically, it feels right. I like the brown glass bottle (very healthy, very ‘green’) and the pump dispenser is great – why aren’t all cleansers packaged like that? The Esse Cream Cleanser smells kind of earthy and woody – although I find the scent a bit overpowering. Having said that, I am loving how this gentle yet very effective cleanser (takes all my make-up off in one go – including my eye make-up) makes my skin feel: fresh, clean and moisturised afterwards.
Esse Cream Cleanser is suitable for all skin types, RSP, R150, 100mls. Available at selected salons, spas and health stores. – Irene

When I was given this cute, handmade wooden box, which is part of a community development project in KZN, I was rather excited to see what was inside and try it out.
Inside my box was a selection of five miniature products for oily/ combination skin. It contained a 10ml Gel Cleanser, 10ml Cream cleanser, 10ml Toner, 5ml Cocoa Exfoliator and a 5ml Deep Moisturiser.
I absolutely loved the Gel Cleanser and Toner. When I finished washing my face, exfoliating it and applying the toner, I felt a refreshing tingling that made me feel as if I had just had a facial at a salon. I am not as mad about the moisturiser though – it felt a bit heavy on my skin.
I feel that Esse Organic Skin Care really lives up to what it says and I think they are doing a great job at preserving our world!
A trial pack will cost you only R150 and is available for oily/combination or dry/sensitive skin types. It is a great gift idea or to use when you go travelling. – Zoe

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6 Responses

  1. wow, the price is great and it is a great idea that they have given a trial pack, that tells me they are very confident about their product and they know once you try it you will never go back.

  2. The gel cleanser is one of the best. Gentle yet removes all makeup and impurities :)

  3. I won these products on here a while ago. I’ve enjoyed using them. They feel great on your skin and my fave was the gel cleanser.

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