Our editor can’t stop raving about CIRCA home fragrance products – here’s why

Our editor can’t stop raving about CIRCA home fragrance products – here’s why 1

Home fragrance products aren’t what they used to be (think dried flowers and overpowering pressed oils!). Today we are spoilt for choice with the array of high quality candles and fragrance diffusers on offer. CIRCA, a home fragrance brand hailing from Australia, is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

The CIRCA collection comprises eight beautiful fragrances and the range consists of soy candles, fragrance diffusers, liquidless diffusers and a range of hand care products. All CIRCA products are free from potentially harmful ingredients like parabens and silicones and contain the highest quality soy wax blends, fragrant oils and lead-free cotton wicks.

We recently put the limited edition Mother’s Day CIRCA Lily & Rosewood Soy Candle and Diffuser to the test, and while this fragrance won’t be around for much longer, the quality of these products should inspire you to check out the rest of the range (which is conveniently available from Dis-Chem). This is why our editor cannot stop raving about the products:

“Home fragrance products are my weakness. I cannot walk past a beautifully scented candle or home diffuser without stepping closer to take in its scent. I’ve adored CIRCA ever since it first became available in SA sometime last year and I was thrilled to recently put two of their products to the test.

Lily & Rosewood is a limited edition fragrance variant that is housed in the most beautiful pink glass jars (candles) and bottles (diffusers). Not only do they look elegant in the home, but they release the freshest, loveliest floral scent that lingers throughout the entire room.

The Lily & Rosewood Candle and Diffuser contains notes of vanilla, pink peppercorn, rose, sweet orange, lily, sandalwood, cashmere musk and rosewood. The scent is soft, feminine, fresh and warm. If you close your eyes you can imagine standing in a field of flowers, taking in this scent.

Our editor can’t stop raving about CIRCA home fragrance products – here’s why 2

I was really impressed by the strength of the diffuser. We have an open plan living-and-dining room and I placed it on one of the cabinets behind the couch. The scent travels throughout the whole room, and if I enter the room from outside, it’s the first thing I notice. I’m in the habit of turning the bamboo sticks around once a week as this keeps the scent nice and strong. It’s been about a month now, and the liquid is halfway, so the diffuser should last around two months in total.

As for the candle, it’s been my go-to choice for mood and scent when evening loadshedding strikes. It smells absolutely divine and I love that it has two wicks as it creates more light and burns the wax more evenly. During the day I prop the pretty gold lid on to protect it from dust and display it on a cabinet near the entrance of our home.

Lily & Rosewood may not be available for much longer as it was a limited edition scent for Mother’s Day, but don’t despair, as there are plenty of other gorgeous fragrance options you’ll love. I’m also a big fan of the Amber & Sandalwood variant, and I think my next purchase will be either Sea Salt & Vanilla or Jasmine & Magnolia.

Our editor can’t stop raving about CIRCA home fragrance products – here’s why 3

Pro tip: Whenever one of my CIRCA candles reach the end of their lifespan, I squeeze one drop of Sunlight liquid into the jar, and fill it up with boiled water. This loosens any remaining wax as well as the little metal disc to which the wick is attached. Once the water has cooled down, I let the waxy water run out and wash the jar so that I can re-use it around the home. You can pop a tea light candle in it, use it as a storage jar or even as a mini vase for some pretty flowers from the garden.

Take my word for it – CIRCA is among the very best when it comes to home fragrance. If you’ve tried any of their products, pop me a message in the comment block below as I’d love to hear what your favourite variants are. Happy shopping!”
Anien – Editor

CIRCA products are available exclusively from Dis-Chem.


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