Our thoughts on the retinol capsules everyone’s talking about

Our thoughts on the retinol capsules everyone’s talking about 1

By now you would have seen the hype around Elizabeth Arden’s brand new Retinol Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum – the first of its kind and a major innovation for the trusted beauty house. But what is it about them that has everyone talking?

In 1990 Elizabeth Arden made headlines when they introduced their iconic ceramide capsules; they were a complete new concept as they contained skin-identical ceramides in a single-dose capsule format, unseen in the beauty industry up until that point. Now, more than 25 years later, and with a host of awards under the belt, they’ve taken it up a notch with one of the most exciting launches of the year.

The benefits of retinol are undeniable – fewer lines and wrinkles, less breakouts and a more even skin tone are just a few of the things you can expect when you incorporate it into your regime. In fact, it’s pretty much considered a miracle ingredient as far as skincare goes. But why combine it with ceramide? Because together, you have a powerful anti-ageing duo. Ceramide has major moisture-boosting properties and skin barrier repair benefits. When you combine it with retinol, you are able to reveal a much brighter complexion with fewer visible signs of ageing and improved clarity, tone and texture. Plus, if you’ve used retinol before you’ll know that it tends to cause “dryness” and flakiness. Ceramide counteracts this by restoring moisture and keeping the skin hydrated.

So why put these ingredients in a capsule rather than just a straightforward pump bottle? To protect retinol from light and air, of course! And to control dosage. The capsule allows for targeted and precise dosage, as well as stability of the ingredients. That means the potency is never compromised, so you get all your money’s worth.

Our thoughts? We’re sold! Highly efficient ingredients in potent concentrations, housed in practical packaging that is both convenient and protective – we’re deeming this one of the most innovative and exciting products to come out of 2018.

How to use it: All you have to do is gently twist the tab of the capsule to open it. Smooth the product all over your face and neck at night before applying your moisturiser.

Want to give it a go? Get yours at selected department stores for R965.00 (60 capsules) or R565.00 (30 capsules).

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