Pregnancy pampering – what’s safe and what’s not?

Safe treatments you can go for during pregnancy

When you are feeling tired, run down and ever so slightly enormous, heading to the spa might be your natural reaction. But there are lots of question marks around treatments during pregnancy. Is it safe to go for a massage? What about a facial or a body scrub? The truth is, most spas will cater for pregnant women and have special treatments that are 100% safe. If your local spa doesn’t, then go somewhere else.

Here are a few tips on treatments and how to best enjoy them while pregnant:

When to go
The best time to go for a treatment is during the second trimester. This is when your energy levels are higher and (hopefully) your morning sickness is just an unpleasant memory. The chances of miscarrying or early labour are less of a worry in your second trimester too. Tell the spa when you book how many weeks you are and ask them to suggest the best treatments, this will help you get an idea as to how good they are at looking after pregnant women.

What to do:

A specially designed preggy massage can help ease aching muscles, stiff shoulders and sore hips. It can also help release endorphins that will make you feel good and have you bouncing out the spa light as a feather! Check how much experience your masseuse has with pregnant women – if the spa has a special massage specifically for pregnancy then you know that they know what they are doing. Some places have plinths with a hole cut out the middle for your bump, while others will massage you while lying on your side propped up with pillows, or sitting upright. Just make sure you are comfortable.

Your skin may be extra sensitive during pregnancy, so don’t expect to enjoy your regular facial. Now might be a time to try something different. Some products may irritate your skin so ask your therapist to use something very gentle. According to you should ask your therapist to avoid using anything containing retinoid, which is a type of vitamin A that speeds up cell division. While it’s aimed at boosting skin renewal, it could possibly harm your baby if you are exposed to a lot of it.

Mani pedi
Cute toes and fingernails will make you feel good and as it’s impossible to reach your toes during much of the gestation period, the best option is to get them professionally done. However, it’s worth knowing that there are chemicals in nail polish that (only if you are exposed to them regularly) can be damaging, and those are formaldehyde and toluene. You may choose to avoid having a mani and a pedi during the first three months and wait until you are in that second trimester. If you’re doing your nails at home, opt for formaldehyde- and toluene-free varnishes.

Pregnancy is a time when you want to look and feel as beautiful as the baby growing inside you makes you feel. Play it safe, and there is no reason why you can’t.

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