Maybelline SuperStay 24hr lip colours

Maybelline’s new SuperStay 24-hour lip colour, stretches the limits of longwearing lippie. It’s micro-flex formula means it goes on and stays put without caking, crumbling or feathering.

What we say:
‘I wore their pink, shimmery shade, Sparkling Fuchsia, over the weekend and was very impressed with its serious “stay put-ability”. After applying it, you need to wait a good two minutes for the shade to set. Next, you slick on a bit of the balm you’ll find attached to the back of the double-ended wand.
Initially, I worried that swiping the balm over the colour would erode it somewhat, but it didn’t effect it in the slightest. It merely added a nice dose of moisture to my lips, because without it, I’d find the colour a bit drying. Still, I did notice that the very slight drying effect of Maybelline SuperStay is NOTHING compared to that of the “old school” longwearing lippies of the 90’s. Clearly formulations have really evolved… As far as wear goes, yes, some of the microglitter wore off throughout the day, but the actual colour itself survived lunch, supper, several drinks and kisses. I even made a point of wearing it to bed and when I woke up, it was still there without a smear or feather in sight.

‘To take it off, simply apply a few sweeps of an oil-based make-up remover. In all, this is without a doubt the most diehard longwearing lippie I’ve ever used. If you need colour that seriously sticks around, this is your new best friend.’
Leigh van den Berg


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  1. I was impressed by this product for mainly two reasons:

    – It came with a moisturizing balm (YAY! no more cracked lips)
    _ It’s vibrant, long lasting colours

    I bought a deep red (Keep up the flame) and a more natural pinkish nude (absolute taupe). Both of these colours have lasted on my lips for the better half of a day (around 5-6 hours) and I could even still see the red tint on my lips after my shower!
    I noticed that my lips got a bit drier if I didn’t use the moisturizing balm with the fluid, which didn’t really bother me, because I LOVED the balm and even use it on it’s own.

    The applicator brush is slim and pointed, which makes it very user friendly.

    Overall, I give this product a thumbs up!

  2. Maybelline SuperStay 24hr lip colour is extremely long-lasting. The two-step product is easy-to-use, comfortable on lips and non-drying. SuperStay is available in an extensive selection of bold, popping colours that don’t fade or transfer. Two thumbs up for affordability!

  3. I wear makeup every day and it is important that it actually lasts all day long. Lipsticks are a nightmare because they leave glasses and clothes with smudges. Every time I eat or drink something, I need to keep reapplying lipstick. A friend introduced me to Superstay Lipstick. WOW, I apply it in the morning and still have it on at the end of the day. It laves no hint of lipstick smudges on glasses or spoons. Even if I run my fingers over my lips, the color is still perfect with no smearing. It doesn’t get any better than that. Superstay Lipstick is the only lipstick for me. And the price is really affordable.

  4. I came across Maybelline 24 hour Superstay Lipcolor Dark Amber. It came in a 2 part convenient application container.
    1st you use the pigmented liquid colour. You let it dry, then you apply the conditioning balm.
    Maybelline states that it is formulating to hold for 24 hours. And it won’t transfer, dry out or fade.
    Personally I find it long Lasting, but it does get dry on your lips. You need to use the balm a few times during the day. The colour will stay till night time.
    I like Dark Amber for its darker nude shimmer that enhance your lips. I will buy this lip stain again and again, and will recommend it to friends.

  5. This does exactly what it says…..24hr colour. Only problem I found was that it does dry out your lips, so applying a gloss or lip balm over will help keep your lips soft.

  6. I love this product because it keeps the promise of staying on for a long time. I went through the morning, afternoon and late evening with it still on. Best of all is that the the other side contains a moisture lipstick. So if your lips gets dried out, you simply put on some of these afterwards. The color is also vivid and keeps on staying vivid.

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