Quick beauty fixes

Quick beauty fixes

Whether you’re dashing off to a wedding, attending an important office meeting or simply going out for a night on the town, no one wants a beauty disaster. So no matter how big or small the beauty emergency is, we have the tips to get you sorted.

Beauty Problem: Lipstick on your teeth
Beauty Fix: As soon as you apply lipstick, especially bright shades, gently press a folded tissue to blot excess colour. To get rid of any lipstick that you may have mistakenly gotten onto the inside of your lips, stick your forefinger into your mouth and slowly pull it out. With it will come excess colour.

Beauty Problem: Eyeshadow all over your cheeks
Beauty Fix: Hold a folded tissue gently under your eyes so that it rests on your cheekbone. The loose eyeshadow pigment will fall onto the tissue and save you having to touch up your foundation and blush.

Beauty Problem: White deodorant marks on your crisp black shirt
Beauty Fix: Remove your shirt or top and gently rub the material where the stain is together, this should get rid of the excess white powder. Switch to an invisible deodorant or one that leaves no white marks. A gentle baby wipe will also do the trick.

Beauty Problem: Too much blush – I look like a clown
Beauty Fix: If you have applied a powder blush, simply dust some translucent powder over your cheeks to diffuse the colour. If it is a cream blush, tone it down by sponging some of your liquid foundation on top.

Beauty Problem: You’ve over-spritzed your fragrance
Beauty Fix: No, you don’t have to jump into the shower to remove the overpowering scent. You can do one of the following: Apply a fragrance-free lotion over your body, remove a layer by wiping the area with a baby wipe, or dab your skin with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol.

Beauty Problem: Mismatched face and body
Beauty Fix: This is often a problem as we tend to scrub our face and protect it much more with SPF’s. Apply a tinted moisturiser that is slightly darker than your natural skin colour to even things out. You can also warm things up by applying a bronzer.

Beauty Problem: You’ve popped / picked a pimple
Beauty Fix:  When you fiddle with your skin and a specific area, you tend to cause inflammation. Try holding an ice cube on the spot to reduce the swelling. Follow with concealer to cover up any excess redness.

Beauty Problem: Streaky self-tan
Beauty Fix: There are few tips and tricks on how to remove self-tan. The good ol’ tip suggests using lemon juice as it is a lightening product. You can also use a sugar scrub and squeeze some lemon juice into that. Always make sure you have exfoliated before applying any self-tan to avoid getting into this position.

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  1. Easy to remember these basic tips when you encounter these mess up. I always end up with lipstick on my teeth or to much blush.Common one white stain on my clothing from deodorant.

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