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10 Tips to boost your energy levels


It’s a new year and you’re already exhausted. Know the feeling? We’ve compiled our top ten tips on how to get your energy back, and how to keep it:

1. Get 7 – 8 hours of sleep
It sounds like such a cliché, but not getting enough sleep is the number one culprit when it comes to fatigue. Set yourself a curfew and stick to it – whatever isn’t done can wait for the morning.

2. Drink enough water
When you are dehydrated, your blood thickens and your heart has to work harder to pump it, which in turn drains your energy. Be sure to drink at least six to eight glasses per day.

3. Go for a walk
Studies have shown that a taking a brisk walk a couple of times a week greatly lowers your chances of fatigue. Why not use your lunch break for a leisurely stroll?

4. Stretch your legs (and your muscles)
Sitting at your desk all day is extremely draining, which is why it’s important to get up and stretch your legs every so often. Give your arms and shoulders a good few stretches too – getting blood to the area will improve your energy.

5. Eat smaller meals
Everyone knows the sleepy feeling you get after a large meal – avoid this slump by snacking regularly instead of consuming a heavy meal three times a day.

6. Choose energy-boosting foods
Ditch the crackers and crisps, and opt for low GI foods that provide long-lasting energy instead of quick spikes. Think raw nuts, bananas, seeds, broccoli, beans, brown rice and apples.

7. Play your favourite tunes
Studies have shown that people who listen to music feel more energised and motivated, so make a playlist and turn it up whenever you need a boost.

8. Keep your workspace neat and tidy
A cluttered environment causes distraction and irritability. Keep your desk organised and clutter-free.

9. Plan fun activities
We all need something to keep us motivated and to look forward to. Plan fun outdoor activities, dinner with the girls, tea with your mom – after hour fun brightens up your day and lightens your load.

10. Take time out
Without proper rest, you can never have proper energy. Relax in the bath, watch a movie or read the paper. You’ll be amazed at how much “switching off” can do for you.

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5 Responses

  1. I do yoga and and drink lots of water. In addition, I do some Zumba when I have time.

  2. I schedule regular walks around the office block so that it gives me a chance to rest my eyes from the laptop and get some blood flowing. Even my boss encourages people to do it, especially when it’s busy because that’s when you need the breath of fresh air the most.

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