Relax your muscles

Relax your musclesThe problem with muscle movement is often muscle pain. Even if we don’t think we’re necessarily overdoing it.

Are you familiar with the pain of twisted and knotted muscles? Our bodies go through so much during the day; even being glued to a desk in front of the computer can be a painful task. Be it sore lower back, worn-out legs or tense joints, it’s incredibly important to replenish the energy lost after a physical activity. Even being on your feet all day during a shopping trip to the mall can leave your muscles crying out for attention.

And if you’re indulging in even more high-impact pursuits such as sprinting like crazy on the treadmill, well, then you definitely need to be kind to your body afterwards.

This pain is essentially caused by muscle inflammation. When you overwork a part of your body, the muscles become really tired and start to spasm. Ouch!

So, what should you do to eliminate this pain from your muscles and joints? Glad you asked; we have six incredible sore muscle soothing remedies. Let the pampering begin:

1.) Take a mineral salt bath: A warm, deep soak can calm muscles and joints, promote blood circulation and, basically, calm your nerves. But for added benefit, add Epsom salts (available at your nearest pharmacy or health food store) and eucalyptus oil to the bath water. The magnesium sulfate is known to cure tension.

2.) Do yoga: I’m sure exercising is the last thing on your mind when you’re tired, but stretchy yoga poses really help calm the muscles, and we guarantee you will be ‘aaah’-ing by the end of it. Pull out a yoga mat in your living room and hold that downward dog.

3.) Ice, ice baby: When you apply ice to sore muscles, it slows down the blood circulation and decreases muscle inflammation.

4.) Use a foam roller: This rubs deep into your muscles to release lactic acid and ease the pain away. Press the aching muscle against the roller and roll back and forth. Just as you start to feel the most pain, stop there and focus on relaxing the muscle. A little warning for first-time users: the pain can get very difficult to get used to, but stick to it and you’ll feel your muscles relax at a rapid pace.

5.) Soothe from within: If nothing is working for you, the next step is to treat sore muscles internally. Anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and Vitamin B12 supplements can lessen muscle pain. Pair this with muscle-repairing Vitamin C and omega-3 supplements.

6.) Sleep-in: Possibly the most effective and amazing treatment. Nothing can rejuvenate your mind and body like a good eight-hour slumber, especially when you’re looking at calming muscle ache.

Written by Shitika, this article originally appeared on Beauty Heaven.

Image: glyph/

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20 Responses

  1. Yoga is what caused my current muscle pain in the first place. Not used to it! :(

  2. My toes pull stiff so very often……now i know what i can do to possibly alleviate the discomfort and pain.

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