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The new Schick Hydro Silk® TrimStyle®, the only hydrating razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one for women’s below the belt maintenance. With 48 percent of women trimming or shaving their bikini area weekly, a foolproof all-in-one razor is essential. The Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle features the brand’s most advanced shave technology on one end and a waterproof trimmer on the other, delivering a convenient and easy solution for hair removal for a woman’s body. Equipped with the technology behind Schick Hydro Silk, this new razor provides the hydrating shave women know and love while also addressing the needs for the growing segment of women who want to trim the hedges.

“It’s important to remember that you have hair ‘down there’ for a reason. When explaining that to my patients, I draw an analogy to their eyelashes – they’re there to protect the delicate eye from irritants and allergens in the environment. The same holds true for your ‘v-zone,’” said board-certified dermatologist and Schick partner, Dr. Whitney Bowe. “Furthermore, waxing can be painful. When it comes to bikini care, I recommend trimming with a safe and convenient trimmer like the Hydro Silk TrimStyle.”

The NEW Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle can be found in leading retailers nationwide starting mid-October 2016.


What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:

I had not seen this product before and my heart was saying ‘where have you been all my life!’ It’s eye-catching and the razor looks funky and user-friendly!
The colour is appealing, I love the curved design and the soft rubber handle makes it easy to use in the shower, especially if you are in a morning rush.
Before, I used a normal shaver with disastrous results! The waterproof trimmer works like a dream and is very effective for removing hair around my bikini line quickly. I loved the ease of the shave – with or without shaving foam ­– and how effectively the trimmer worked. The trimmer is absolutely durable, as you can use it wet or dry! I used mine in the bath and it worked like a charm. It only needs one battery and promises two hours of shaving, which is a bonus. My skin is super sensitive. I normally get nicks and cuts, but not with this shaver. The moisturising strip isn’t a gimmick. My legs were left smooth and ultra soft to the touch after shaving. And the next day my legs were still feeling smooth, which is rare with a normal razor. There was no skin irritation. This product should be part of any woman’s grooming kit. It works like a bomb and produces fantastic results. No more embarrassing bikini waxes and I can get fuzz-free legs and underarms in the comfort of my home. It’s affordable, too! – Anisha Singh (36), BSA Gold Member


When I first got this product I thought the packaging was cute, but I struggled to tear it open. I used the razor mostly in the shower and the shower suction came in handy because of that. I was sceptical because it’s battery-operated, but that didn’t pose any issues in the shower. It’s 100 percent waterproof.
The lubricating strips were great! I liked the fact that I didn’t need to use shaving cream or soap. I was worried about nicking my underarms, but the lubricant just made the razor glide easily. When it came to using the trimmer, this product was a dream. I suffer terribly from ingrown hairs around my bikini line. I got a really good shave without the usual nicks and cuts.
I’m a very fussy shaver because I have sensitive skin. Using this was a relief for me. My skin wasn’t irritated and I didn’t have to use the razor repeatedly on one area to get a good shave. Because I’m a student, the price is really good for my budget. – Kuhle Cawe (21), BSA Subscriber


I thought the packaging looked upmarket and the instructions were informative. It reminds me of all my previous Schick products – this a brand I know and trust. It was a bit hard to open, but that was because I first tried it at the gym and didn’t have scissors. The razor is very comfortable to hold and easy to use. It doesn’t slip out of my hand, even when soapy. The trimmer is easy to adjust and the trimmer button is in a good spot. I’ve used razors before that keep going on and off, as the button is in an awkward place. Wonder of wonders, it came with a battery. There’s nothing worse than buying something that requires batteries, but doesn’t come with them. The shower suction is a clever addition.  I used mine in the shower and it still works perfectly. The lubricating strips were the best thing about the razor and not so harsh on my skin. If you miss a spot, you don’t have to lubricate your leg again, as the strip does it for you. My armpits weren’t sore or sensitive after shaving, which I’ve experienced with other brands.
It’s easy to use but it didn’t fulfil all my needs. Even with the attachment off I don’t get a clean shave with the trimmer, so I still have to use the normal razor part for my bikini line. ­– Kim Reid (36), BSA Subscriber


With the first use, I quickly noticed the water-activated serum. It made shaving much more comfortable and gentle. Normally, I have to go over the same spot more than once. But the five blades mean you only need to go over once and it’s super smooth! The packaging is very attractive – it says ‘BUY ME’. The shape of the handle and head is amazing. I love how when I put down the razor, the head is raised off the surface it’s on. The razor is also really easy to control, thanks to the easy-grip rubber handle. The bikini trimmer works very well and it was a lot easier to shave than before. It’s also is a great brand that I’ve always loved. – Lynn Nolan (40), BSA Gold Member says:

I liked the packaging. It’s compact and eye-catching – you can see the product on the outside, which got me excited to try it. The razor had a very comfortable grip, even when using it in the shower. The trimmer offered a really close shave and I liked how the pivoting head moved with the grooves and curves of my legs. It manoeuvred with ease over my knees and ankles. The razor fits easily into my toiletry bag and is small enough to slip into my handbag, which means I can use it on the go. I loved using it in the shower and the fact that it was battery operated was a bonus – less work for me! I found that I didn’t really need shaving cream because the lubricating strips gave me more than enough moisture. It made the razor glide easily down my skin and there was no irritation which I often find with shaving creams.
I would recommend this razor to anyone looking for a convenient and time-saving method. The bikini trimmer gave me a really close and smooth shave and thanks to the adjustable comb the area can be managed easily.
The lubricating strips and the battery-powered trimmer make this good value for money. This razor is a must-have for me this summer. – Ncumisa Makhonjwa (28), BSA Assistant Editor



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  1. I’ve been using my Schick trimmer for a while now. This is a perfect substitute to the one I already have. What an upgrade. Fantastic stuff

  2. Sjoe!! Great reviews ladies. I’m definitely buying one of these. It sounds amazing and I also like that you don’t need to use shaving cream, as I am always in a rush.

  3. I have seen this in stores but have always been reluctant to buy it. After these rave reviews I will definitely give it a go!

  4. I’ve always been using Schick! It never lets me down. You don’t get any cuts or burns with Schick.

  5. Shick is awesome. This is next on my shopping list. Just what us ladies need for the summer.

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