Sebastian Potion 9

Sebastian Potion 9They say: Combining the care of nine active botanical ingredients with styling technology to form an advanced wearable treatment, Sebastian Potion 9 gives you maximum mixability and provides infinite possibilities.

Our reviewer says: Nice smelling orange goo was what I first got upon pumping the top of the bottle, and because my hair is very short at the moment, I used very little. My hair was towel dried only, and still damp. The easy-to-apply potion made my hair feel soft yet easy to style and was neither sticky nor oily. I was on my way out for dinner so naturally, when I got home, I simply collapsed into bed. Imagine my surprise when, the following morning I got up to find my my hair was still fairly tidy, and with a little bit of manipulation and tiny bit more potion I was ready for my day.

The wind does not bother it, there was no residue build up and it made my hair feel well hydrated (similar to what a leave in conditioner might achieve).

You can find a styling tip or two here, just click on the video link.

If you’re looking for a strong hold, this would not be your first stop, but if your hair is feeling dry and listless, or you are just looking for a light styling product, Potion 9 will deliver the perfect result.

Sebastian Potion 9, R355, 150mls, R140, 50ml, is available from selected hair salons.

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7 Responses

  1. Sounds great, the name is very appealing…who knows, i just might give this a shot. Not bad for what they’re offering.

  2. i think this will be perfect for my hair, i have a short sassy hair cut but i don’t have time to straighten everyday, so if this will hold the hair down(it tends to be spiky when not ironed)it the very thing i need.

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