Silk: The latest anti-ageing skincare ingredient

Silk: The latest anti-ageing skincare ingredient 1

Skincare ingredients range from the weird and the wonderful to the scientific and the clinical. We’re never surprised when a new ingredient does the rounds, but it’s seldom that we’re caught completely unaware of its benefits. Enter Koishimaru Silk, also known as “Royal Silk,” one of Japan’s best-kept beauty secrets.

Back in the day when silk was hand-spun in Japan, the women who spun it were blessed with incredibly beautiful skin on their hands, all thanks to their contact with the silk. This inspired Japanese skincare brand Sensai to pursue and uncover the beauty benefits of silk. It was this decades-long journey that lead them to Koishimaru Silk, a silk so fine that it was once reserved for for the Japanese Imperial Family only. Today it is still considered one of the most precious silks available.

So what makes this silk so valuable? Known for its lustre, radiance and lightness, it has a second-skin feel and ethereal quality unlike any other silk on Earth. Researchers discovered that Koishimaru Silk has the ability to promote the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid; a substance produced by the body, known for its power to beautify and promote silky smooth, silk-like skin.

Inspired by the amazing properties of Koishimaru Silk, Sensai developed Koishimaru Silk Royal, which is engineered with anti-ageing properties to mimic the qualities of Koishimaru Silk. It stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid in both the dermis and epidermis, increasing the skin’s moisture significantly. It also fights dullness, protects the skin’s barrier function and prevents loss of moisture.

Silk: The latest anti-ageing skincare ingredient 2

It took years for Sensai to discover the golden ratio: a combination of polymers and a blend of oils infused with the anti-ageing blend Koishimaru Silk Royal. Together, these ingredients work to promote flawless skin, delicate to the touch (like silk), plump with moisture and glowing from within.

Sensai’s Absolute Silk range comprises three luxurious skincare products: Micro Mousse Treatment, Silk Fluid and Silk Cream. Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Treatment (R2815.00) is an airy mousse of micro-carbonated bubbles that gives the skin a boost. Bubbles smaller than pores effervesce into the skin, breathing new life into it, leaving it energised and luminous. Absolute Silk Fluid (R2815.00) and Absolute Silk Cream (R2815.00) are launching in September 2019, and are designed to replenish the skin with an abundance of moisture, leaving it smooth as silk.

Asian beauty is gaining major popularity worldwide, and we’re keeping a close eye on the Japanese market – Japan is, after all, a leader in just about every field they choose to partake in. Sensai is the cream of the crop when it comes to Japanese skincare, so this launch got us really excited. Our editor gave the Absolute Silk Micro Mousse Treatment a try and was thrilled with the results. Soft, hydrated, luminous skin that feels and looks like silk? Yes please!

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