Skin rollers – do they really work?

Skin rollers - do they work?

Skin rollers are HUGE right now. Originally stemming from the beauty routines of China and Korea, the art of facial massage with the use of tools has finally made it in the West. But is it more hype than results?

Well, yes and no. Beauty instruments like jade rollers work well when you do. The benefits are in direct correlation with your effort. This is because the massage is more important than the roller. You can have the very best tool in the business, but if you’re not putting in the time, you’re not going to see any big improvements.

Ditto with your product. Skin rollers can encourage your skin to absorb more from your top shelf faves, but if the products themselves aren’t up to scratch, there isn’t a great deal a skin roller can do for you.

All of that said, if you do make an effort to learn and practice manual massage (find an example here), and your products are right for your skin, skin rollers can be the conductor that makes the symphony werk, huni!

Or, you can leave things to the experts, Skin Renewal- a great option for time-pressed beginners, or advanced skincare users looking to step up their game. Here you might try ‘needling’; a process where a Medical Roller with needles 0.5 to 1.5 mm in length is gently rolled over the skin for thirty minutes. This causes micro-wounds that can penetrate the skin deeply, triggering the release of growth-factors that form new tissue, and boost collagen. All of this with no down-time. Uh, yes, please?!

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This post was made in partnership with Skin Renewal.

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