Beauty tips we stole from yogis

Yogi beauty tips

They look so elegant, so graceful, and DON’T get us started on their skin. We caught up with some local yogis to see if they’d give us the secret to pore-less, glow-not-shine skin.

Q: Yoga can often leave your face sweaty after a strong class. What’s your post-class skincare routine?
A: Right after every hot yoga class I teach or practice, I go to the bathroom and splash my face with cool water (extra points if I can remember to bring my natural cleanser with me for a good wash).
Hot yoga is incredible for detoxification, improving flexibility and increasing circulation to all parts of your anatomy. The heating up of the body is an inflammatory process and acne is inflammation of the skin. So when I wash my face, I’m just thinking about returning my skin back to a normal temperature to avoid turning that inflammation into a break out.
Don’t make the water too cold, as you don’t want to burst any blood vessels on your face by switching the temperature from hot to cold and shocking the skin.
– Tarin Calmeyer, @thechocolatepretzel

Q: What are some of your favourite beauty products to use on the go between classes?
Himalaya NEEM facial wipes, Bio Oil, Earthsap deo, and a dash of essential oil on temples, neck and wrists. I use a few different essential oils and which one I use is dependent on my mood, what I feel I need, or which smells captures me. Tea tree, rose, cinnamon, lemon and frankincense are my favs.
– Katie Chandler, @PrakritiLife

Q: Do you have any particular skincare tips for people who love hot yoga?
A: Yes, stay very well hydrated! It isn’t helpful to down liters of water right before a yoga class as it can leave you feeling full. Make sure to drink water throughout the day so you aren’t thirsty or dehydrated when you practice and only drink small amounts in class, if anything at all.
After class, it’s important to replenish the salt that has been lost during the practice with 250-500ml of coconut water or an electrolyte in water (Nuun tabs are my faves) and continue drinking fresh water for the rest of the evening.
– Tarin Calmeyer, @thechocolatepretzel

Q: Is there anything skincare-wise that you differently now than when you first started doing yoga?
I changed a few things. Being blonde I have invisible eyebrows & eyelashes so used to wear make up to class.  Now I tint my eyelashes and eyebrows to not have to wear makeup. Makes life between classes easier as I can refresh my face and go. I also changed all my skin care products to herbals as it is less harsh on my skin.
– Katie Chandler, @PrakritiLife

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  1. I’m always recommended to do yoga and I want to so bad but living in a dorpie we have no yoga classes I wish I lived in a big town

  2. Yoga is such a great exercise…it’s good for body and mind.I usually do yoga after work three times a week and I’ve never tried any of these beauty tricks and I’m excited to give a try ,feeling fresh and beautiful at a same time it’s good for life

  3. These tips are very useful. A few co-workers and myself do yoga every morning..we will definitely incorporate these tips before and after we work out

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