Spend a Midnight in Paris – review

Van Cleef & Arpels' Midnight to ParisWhen I was approached by BeautySA to review a fragrance, I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ But I think the only reason I was asked was due to their lack of guys on their team (score!).

I’ve put this fragrance to the test by wearing it both day and night as well as wearing it while active and also while passive. And my favourite part of this exercise? Walking into their office full of beautiful women and asking each one of them to smell me. I know! Creepy in a professional kinda way, right? Well I didn’t quite phrase it like that but you know what I mean.

The fragrance I’m reviewing is Midnight in Paris and by the very sexy brand Van Cleef & Arpels. It comes in a midnight blue box (see what they did there?) with the font in silver so you won’t miss it next time you go looking for something for yourself if you’re a guy or for a loved one, if you’re a lady. Or you could be a guy wanting to buy something for your loved one, who is a guy too. That’s my politically correct statement for the day. I was given the 125ml to try but it also comes in a 75ml bottle.

The bottle itself is fairly simple as opposed to some other fragrances I’ve had, but unless you’re going to collect empty bottles and not recycle then I guess it shouldn’t really matter. The bottle is round and similar in colour to the box with a silver band around it. The consistency!

The scent of Midnight in Paris is perfect for me. Those who know me are aware that I don’t do that “manly man” smell, neither do I go spicy or too pungent. I shower in water, not perfume. I love that soft-subtle-almost-sweet-with-a-dash-of-wood smell. (Can you tell I’ve done some research?) Midnight in Paris is exactly that and I’ve come to love it! Some folks say it has a similar smell to Bvlgari Black but I wouldn’t know as I’ve only had the Bvlgaris Blue and Extreme. It’s the perfect perfume for the daytime at work or going out at night. My friend once said, ‘You know it’s a good perfume when you take a shower at night and the scent has lingered’.

Last week I was in a meeting and turned around to check where that awesome smell came from. Turns out …tis I!

The thing with EDP’s is the same fragrance on one person will have you smelling like a million bucks but then on another, it could smell like cat wee. (Not WII, nor we, but wee. It so does not smell like cat wee on mee, I mean me.)

I will definitely add this fragrance to my collection and recommend you buy it for the man in your life. Father’s Day is coming up soon, just saying… Now if I can just get strange, beautiful women to stop smelling my neck in public. Orrr, maybe not.


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