Justine Epigran creams – review

Justine's Epigran Nourishing Night Cream and Epigran Replenishing Day CreamWhat they say:
Justine’s Epigran day and night creams are formulated with Epigran Forte – a naturally derived blend from the heart of wheat germ that contains a complex blend of nutrients including essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

While the Epigran Replenishing Day Cream also contains vitamin E to nourish and condition, and sweet almond oil to keep skin soft, supple and naturally moisturised, the Nourishing Night Cream contains Lipogen to improve elasticity, algae extract to tighten and strengthen, and glycerine which is an effective moisturising agent.

What we say:
‘If Goldilocks had to review Justine’s Epigran Nourishing Night Cream (R320 for 50ml) she would have said: "This is just right and I am going to use it all up!"

‘From the moment I applied this cream, it felt like my face had an orgasm. The cream was not too oily, and my face was not shiny. I could feel the happiness in my skin, like when you have a really great meal. The cream also smells really good and my face felt smooth and soft through the night.

‘The next morning I looked forward to trying the Epigran Replenishing Day Cream (R320 for 100ml), and once again was not disappointed – brilliant texture and immediate softness which lasted the entire day. I have also been using it for a week and by now, with any other new product, I would have developed spots and black heads. But not with Justine’s product.

‘These two creams are by far my favourite things (besides my children) at the moment.’
– Maudie Bleach

To find a Justine sales representative near you, contact 010 205 5000, or find one online.

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