Super serums

So, I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the fuss about serums. Serums for your face, serums for your nails and serums for just about every body part! If you haven’t, and you don’t know what the fuss is all about, or what a serum actually is, don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

A serum is a liquid that has a gel-like consistency with concentrated active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants specifically designed to penetrate deep into the skin. It is designed to treat different skin conditions like reddening, dehydration, anti-ageing and an overall lack of firmness. Let’s simplify a serum’s objective as adding that extra boost to your skincare routine.

Now that you know what a serum is, you need to know when to apply it. Serums work best when applied on cleansed, dry skin before you apply your moisturiser. Remember to give it a minute to settle in though. Try massaging your serum into your skin for optimum results.

We dug deep into our beauty cupboard to share some of the best serums for your skin, eyes and nails. Here’s what we found…

Super serums


Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage, R340
This cooling rollerball helps massage away bags, refreshes and hydrates puffy eyes on contact. It brightens the eye area immediately and over time, and combats dark circles, too.

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, R370
Something for the guys – a refreshing serum that helps eliminate the signs of fatigue, dark circles and puffiness around the eye area. Yes guys, you too get those horrid circles.

Rapid Lash Eye Enhancing Serum, R650
This is a miracle serum for those of you who have short lashes and would like to enhance them. You can use it on your eyebrows too!

Clarins Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Serum, R495
Great for the treatment of puffiness and dark circles, Clarins’ Advanced Extra-Firming Eye Contour Serum ultimately brings back that youthful look.


Revlon new complexion EvenOut Mark Minimising Serum
This little tube will visibly even out and brighten your skin tone. It helps reduce the appearance of dark pigmentation marks too.

DECLEOR Aromessence Neroli Serum, R555
DECLEOR’s serum is perfect serum for skin that is exposed to stress on a daily basis. It helps relax the skin, restores its natural radiance and gives it a real boost.

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase, R535 (launching 9 July 2012)
If you have dehydrated skin, then this is the answer. Clarins’ serum helps restore moisture, balance and smoothes dehydration lines.

Sensai Cellular Performance Lifting Radiance Concentrate, R1835
A luxurious serum that helps treat sagging skin for a firmer, smoother appearance.

Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum, R850
An anti-wrinkle, lifting and resculpting miracle in a bottle YSL’s new serum is designed to stimulate regeneration deep within the skin and boost youth-promoting functions – by targeting glycons deep within the skin.


Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Serum, R99.95
This nail and cuticle serum instantly smoothes cuticles and enhances natural nail growth.

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  1. Thanks I’d love to try the Revlon EvenOut mark minimizing Serum.
    Any idea how much it is?

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