Target those dark spots

If you suffer from dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation, fear not. Serums, creams and a little bit of TLC will help rid you of (or at least significantly lighten) your dark spots. So what exactly are dark spots, how do they form and how do we rid of them?

What, who, why?

Dark spots are a common skin problem. It develops over time and usually affects women from their 30s, as a result of an uneven distribution of melanin in the skin. There are a few different conditions that can cause these unwanted marks on our face. These are just a few:

* Type of trauma caused to the skin such as acne scarring
* Certain medications regardless of whether they come into contact with the sun or not
* Excessive sun exposure
* UV light exposure
* Pregnancy
* Menopause
* Environmental stress

No one wants darks spots as it makes the appearance of ones skin appear dull, uneven and aged.

Minimise and prevent their appearance

  1. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to your face every day to help prevent premature spots and ageing from occurring. Even if you’re driving or are in the office, get into the habit of applying sunscreen.
  2. Stick to a good, daily skincare routine to nourish and protect your skin.
  3. Make use of an exfoliator to help clean up your surface layer and improve your skin’s natural radiance.
  4. Apply targeted products to your spots to help diminish any blemishes and brighten your skin.
  5. Always remember that prevention is better than cure!


Products to bust hyperpigmentation

Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-aging Daily Serum, R1995

Crème Classique Advanced Anti-ageing cell repair serum, R650

Laboratoires Filorga Time-Zero Serum, R1090

Biomedical Emporium Skin Repair Serum, R504

Clarins Bright Plus Tri- Intensive Brightening Serum, R660

Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum, R780

Do you suffer from dark spots? Which products do you find have helped to diminish the appearance of your spots?

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5 Responses

  1. Clarins Bright Plus Tri- Intensive Brightening Serum
    This serum I use daily its a bit pricy but works well with the day and night cream; I saw results within a week its definitely a product to invest in if you want to get rid of dark marks and pigmentation.

  2. Any other product recommendations for acne scarring on cheeks that are a bit less expensive ?

  3. Uneven skin tone. My problem area is my chin and forehead. I have tried many products and did not much improvement. I also tried the Clarins Bright Plus Range.

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