The art of hair trimming

Hair trimming tips for men

With the rise of the metrosexual guy, certain grooming habits that used to only apply to women are now becoming more acceptable for men. The average man is now more comfortable with going for a facial and for a back wax than they were a couple of decades ago. But that doesn’t mean you can go crazy. Cutting or hacking away at bodily hair should be considered an art and should be taken very seriously. Removing all your chest hair could be a recipe for disaster. Here are our do’s and don’ts for hair trimming.

Do: Keep your chest hair under control. Most women like a man with some hair, so keep it looking neat and just trim away the fuzzy bits. If your partner prefers you bare chested, be sure to shave or wax regularly to avoid stubble as this can become uncomfortable.

Don’t: Sport an open shirt with razor bumps or ingrown hairs. This could be the biggest turn off!

Do: Keep the hair there. Trim it if it grows uncontrollably and sticks out from under your shirt sleeve.

Don’t: Remove it all. This could question your masculinity.

Brazilian / bare
Do: Go Brazilian if you are an Olympic swimmer or cyclist, and if you think this will help you with speed. Also, if you want to try it once it’s acceptable but otherwise it’s a no no!

Don’t: Think about shaving it all off if you are going out on a first date and think this will impress your lady! It won’t!

Shoulders and back
Do: Get rid of ALL that shoulder hair! There is nothing more unsightly than hair on top of shoulders. And the same goes for hair on your back. The chest is enough to run her fingers through, she won’t want to continue on your back.

Don’t: Ask her if she likes it. She won’t!

Back of the neck / nape of neck
Do: Keep this area tidy!

Don’t: Let it grow long if you do have a problem with hair growth on this area. Hair popping out from the back of your collar is not hot.

Finally, take into account what your partner likes. After all, they are the ones that will be honest with you and tell you what they prefer. Just keep in mind that you should trim (and we mean trim) every now and then, especially down below too. Don’t try to be creative and shave your body into different patterns either.

So what do you prefer? Comment below and let us know how hairy you prefer your partner.

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