The best beauty treatments to schedule in winter

The best beauty treatments to schedule in winter 1

Taking good care of your skin is a year-round commitment but there are treatments that are best suited to the chillier months. Long, hot South African summers mean a lot of sun exposure and, if you’re wanting to benefit from procedures that can make your skin even more sensitive to its rays, then winter is the season to schedule them.

Hit up the lasers
At Skin Renewal, we use several skin rejuvenating lasers to perform a myriad of anti-ageing tasks. These range from diminishing wrinkles and tightening pores to zapping pigmentation and tightening up loose skin. In most cases, it’s best to avoid the sun after a laser treatment, but especially so if it’s an ablative one. Ablative lasers typically remove the top layer of the skin, or certain parts of it – like the damaged areas – and this means dramatic results but serious sun sensitivity.

One of our most popular ablative laser treatment is CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing. It removes the damaged layers of the skin while stimulating the regeneration of the healthier tissues below. It’s a good solution for anyone wanting to greatly diminish the appearance of more intensive, deep set wrinkles and moderate to severe sun induced pigmentation. Afterwards, you’d need to avoid sun exposure for one year, being especially vigilant during the immediate healing period, so winter really is the best season to make your appointment.

Peel and reveal
Any treatment that exfoliates your skin will help reveal a brighter, fresher-looking complexion and can help you win the war in the battle against pigmentation. Still, if you’re essentially removing the upper layers of your skin, it will become more vulnerable to the sun. This is why it’s a good idea to undergo these type of treatments, particularly the intensive ones, in winter.

At Skin Renewal, we offer a wide array of exfoliating treatments. These range from gentle microdermabrasion to intensive resurfacing peels. Choosing the right treatment can be tricky which is why it’s a good idea to make an appointment with a therapist who can evaluate the severity or what you’re trying to treat and recommend a solution to suit. For example, if you were acne-prone and concerned about dullness, you’d benefit from a series of mild, zero downtime Beta Hydroxy Peels.  However, if you were struggling with something more severe like stubborn hormonal pigmentation, you’d require one of our Melasma & Deep Pigmentation solutions. These are packages of several treatments that enhance each other’s effects for a superior result.

Prep those legs
In winter, we pack away our skirts and tend to keep our legs under wraps. This means it’s the perfect season for laser hair removal because you get the best results on skin that doesn’t have a sun tan. Tanned skin requires using the laser on a lower setting to avoid burning. This makes it a little less effective, so you’d end up requiring more sessions to achieve the desired result.

Something else that’s best to blitz in winter are spider veins. At Skin Renewal, we can do this really easily using either laser treatment or sclerotherapy. Thing is, in both cases, the veins initially go away but then may come back darker and more visible before disappearing completely. This is why it’s best to undergo treatment when it’s not exactly pool party season.

In all, summer bodies (and faces!) are made in winter and, at Skin Renewal, we have a host of treatments to help you look and feel your best. This way, the moment the party season rolls around, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward!

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