The best celebrity shaved heads

With so much emphasis on hair products and hair styling, there’s one men’s’ style we often neglect: the shaved head. Whether you take it all off or let it grow out like stubble, there are many advantages to a shaved head.
Best shaved heads
Although it requires some work, it is by far the most low-maintenance hairstyle. It requires very little shampooing, no conditioning, it doesn’t get untidy, and if it grows out a bit, you don’t need to rush off to a hairdresser. It keeps you cool in summer and it saves you from buying styling tools and products. 

The downsides? Some women (and men) prefer the look of longer hair, and the feeling of running their fingers through it. Plus, if you’re going to sport the shaven look, you need to take special precaution with an SPF – your scalp will suffer terribly from sunburn if you don’t.
Best shaved looks
Take inspiration from the likes of Will Smith, Justin Timberlake and Channing Tatum. If they think it’s cool, it’s got to work with the ladies, right?

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  1. If I had to put the above men in order based on their shaved looks: 1.Channing Tatum, 2. Dominic Purcell, 3. Chris Daughtry, 4. Justin Timberlake and 5. Will Smith. I don’t like this look at all and I prefer him with a bit more hair.

  2. I love the shaved hair look! My man does it with great style. I do find that the skin on the head tends to become dry, so he uses Humankind Body Butter to keep it moisturised! Love this style!

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