The best winged eyeliner looks

Who better to look to for some make-up inspiration than celebs themselves? Keep it classic or go smokey. Add a red lippie or if that’s not your shade, a pop of pink will do. We searched high and low to find our favourite winged eyeliner looks.

Celebrities wearing winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner on celebrities

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20 Responses

  1. You guys really should have included Lana Del Rey in this set! She does the winged look beautifully!

  2. Oh my… I can’t begin to tell you how long I have struggled with this look. I have a very fine-tipped liner from Woolworths, so it’s really precise, but I just CANNOT manage to get the same length/shape of the wing on both eyes. I always go too long or not curvy enough on one of the eyes. I think the only way to really overcome this problem, is through practice… One problem I have with the liquid liner though – winged or traditional – is that my lashes sort of disappear against the black background… You no longer see them once I apply the eyeliner, so I find myself having to make a choice every time. Either mascara or liner, but not both. Kim’s lashes are still showing with this look, but I suspect she either has really long ones, or has invested in a set of falsies. Perhaps I just need to use the right mascara to make the lashes more prominent when I use the liner? Does anyone have any tips for me? I sometimes use a different colour liner, but that’s not always appropriate… :-/

  3. Love this look, but tried it so many times on myself, just does not work for everyone.

  4. I love winged eyeliner, being asian – I find that it really gives my eyes a pop and lift. My favourite look has to be the top right.

  5. Quite a difficult thing to get the perfect wing as a beginner…but practice makes perfect!

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