How to get an effortlessly chic side braid

How to do your own side plait

Easy to create, soft, feminine and beautifully bohemian, a side plait instantly adds casual chic to your look. Another plus? It’s super easy and only takes a few minutes to complete. Here, our step-by-step guide on perfecting the side plait.

  1. Prep your hair – make sure that it’s completely dry and combed through. If you plait it while it’s knotted you’ll risk knotting it even more, plus the plait will look scruffy rather than casual.
  2. Create a parting with your fingers rather than a comb, as you’ll get a messier texture. Side partings work best when it comes to side plaits.
  3. Choose a side and pull all your hair across to that shoulder. Start braiding at the nape of the neck, all the way down and secure the ends with a clear or thin elastic band.
  4. The last step is dependent on how messy you want the braid to be – pull a few strands from the plait and allow them to hang loosely around your face. You can even curl them for a tousled effect. If your hair is layered, a few strands will escape automatically, so no need to pull them out.

How’s that for a quick fix?

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Images courtesy of (Zoe); (Selena) and (Kirsten).


15 Responses

  1. I’m so miffed at my layered cut, because I love doing this look, but everything starts falling out after a while!

  2. I just love Selena’s look. She looks effortlessly gorgeous. So girly and flirty! Unfortunately it doesn’t quite work on my hair. I have to wait until it grows out again before I attempt this. Definitely a winner for a lazy afternoon out. Throw on a maxi dress and a sling bag and you’re good to go!

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