The four pillars of anti-ageing

The four pillars of anti-ageing 1

We feel our most confident when we look our best. Unfortunately, society sets the standard incredibly high and pushes the narrative that “youthful” is the ideal. Thing is, none of us are immune to the hands of time and the signs of ageing that come with it. Still, there’s a lot we can do to age with grace and in a way that allows us to always put our best face forward.

At Skin Renewal, we believe there are four essential pillars to anti-ageing – a healthy lifestyle, non-invasive treatments that can make a big difference, addressing your skin’s overall condition and an effective homecare routine.

Live healthfully
When we live a healthy Iifestyle, it’s reflected in our face. To ensure our overall wellbeing, it’s important that we address all aspects of our health as neglecting one will have a knock-on effect on the other. You can’t take a Pilates class yet not give up smoking and still expect your skin to glow. You can’t quit the cancer sticks and never kick up your heart rate.

A truly healthy lifestyle is a balanced one that sees you eat a nutritious diet, drink enough water, get regular exercise, manage your stress levels and enjoy deep, restorative sleep.

Invest in injectables
You no longer have to go under the knife to keep your face looking rested and fresh. Today, thanks to wonderful innovations in aesthetics, you can stave off the need for something drastic by scheduling regular non-invasive injectable treatments like muscle-relaxing injections, dermal fillers and threads. Together, these can do an amazing job of smoothing out wrinkles, restoring lost volume and lifting and tightening the skin.

At Skin Renewal, we’ve been using these treatments for decades and are always refining their delivery to ensure our patients never look frozen or overdone – only like the very best version of themselves.


Don’t neglect your skin’s condition
Addressing the overall condition of your skin can help create a smooth and even texture, reduce the size of your pores and create a radiant-looking complexion.

Some of the most effective treatments that can improve your skin’s condition include chemical peels, carboxytherapy, laser treatments and skin needling, or ideally a combination thereof. They can all help stimulate your skin’s existing collagen to proliferate, something that becomes vital as the years tick on because our natural supply decreases as we age. Another benefit about all these collagen-boosting treatments? They can also treat your hands and décolleté.

Invest in an expert homecare routine
Being diligent about taking good care of your skin with a morning and night time routine will deliver results, provided you’re using the right products. We suggest you chat to any of the therapists or doctors at Skin Renewal as they’ll be able to advise on a routine that’s suited to your skin type and contains the right mix of active ingredients to address any concerns. Ideally, you want to invest in medical skincare products as they’ll contain these actives at high percentages and be able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin where they can make a very visible difference.

Ultimately, if you’re wanting to age with grace and all the confidence it inspires, Skin Renewal will be able to help you do it. Make an appointment to see us today and together we can set you on the path to looking like the very best version of you!

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