The in’s and out’s of back-waxing

Back-waxingBack hair is the butt of many jokes and the bane of many a man’s life. Awkward and embarrassing for the guy and downright unsightly for everyone else it’s the one place that you should not think twice about waxing. These days it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to march into a salon and ask for a wax without feeling like everyone is sniggering at him behind their well-manicured hands. And if you think about it, women have been waxing far less socially acceptable areas for years – so to be honest – as a dude, it’s really the least you can do.

Here, some answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you when it comes to taking the plunge:

What is involved?
Waxing basically involves applying hot wax to the area, pressing down a cloth or muslin strip over it and then quickly ripping it away. Along with the strip comes the hair and the root. Yes, it will grow back. However, waxing weakens the root and it will grow back thinner and finer each time. The removal of the first strip will no doubt take you by surprise (ouch!) but the best part is the end of the treatment when soothing wax lotion is applied and you can bask in the knowledge that you don’t have to go through it again for another 4 to 6 weeks.

Is it going to hurt?
The short answer to this is yes. Some guys take a couple of painkillers, like aspirin or Panado half an hour before their appointment, which does cut down on the yelp factor, but prepare yourself for a bit of a sting. The good news is that the pain only lasts while the wax is being ripped off and with repeated waxing over time, the hair grows weaker and thinner and the whole experience becomes easier.

Do I have to go to an expert?
It’s highly recommended that you get a trained professional to give you a proper wax rather than rope in an unfortunate friend to slather you in Mandy’s and hope for the best. The truth is that you might think you’re saving money, but an experienced aesthetician will know how to do it with the least amount of skin trauma. Redness and ingrown hairs are a hazard of waxing, especially if you have sensitive skin, but you’ll have less if it’s done quickly and professionally.

The do’s and don’ts of man-waxing:

• Do exfoliate before your waxing session and make sure the skin is clean and free of lotions and moisturisers.

• Don’t trim too much. Make sure there are a couple of centimeters of hair on your back so that the wax can adhere.

• Don’t lie in the sun immediately after a wax or use a hot tub or sauna. Rather wait 24 hours.

• Do apply Vitamin E or chamomile cream to soothe the skin. It’ll probably be red and inflamed for a few hours after the treatment. If it lasts for longer than that, call your doctor.

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16 Responses

  1. I feel sorry for those man who have to wax their backs shame, too much pain I can not handle that.

  2. Ooh, the pain! I can only imagine. It seems that waxing is becoming increasingly popular with men over the past few years.

  3. Hehe yup thank goodness my husband is so hairy … he’d probably never go for a wax ;)

  4. phew. Yeah, my guy has no back hair either! Good luck to those women who have men in their lives with this issue. Take him by the hand and lead him to the salon yourself! Go for a wax together. It’ll be a good bonding session.


  5. Although it a great idea to exfoliate, don’t do so on the day of your wax.

    Also consider sugaring. It’s another form of hair removal that’s not as painful as waxing as it doesn’t stick to the skin. The sugar goes into the hair follicle thereby coating the follicle which helps it glide out when the sugar is removed.

  6. Thankfully my hubby is hairless so no need to stress but I can definitely understand some woman’s woes.

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