The modern man’s guide to grooming

The modern man's guide to grooming 1

Not too long ago most male grooming routines included a shave and haircut when necessary and a bit of deodorant on the way out.

Today, we are way beyond a skincare and grooming routine being only for the metrosexual male – in fact, maintaining youthful appearances has become as much a part of every man’s daily routine as dressing well.

But, with so much advice available, many men are overwhelmed and are left uncertain about how to approach their grooming. The trick is to look at the challenges each individual faces, and to address those in an appropriate manner.

The most common conditions that men struggle with are acne and acne scarring, razor bumps caused by ingrown hair along the beard and neck area and then of course hair issues that include bushy eyebrows, nostrils and ears and hairy backs and necks.

Skin Maintenance

When the skin reacts with acne or pimples, it is usually telling us that something is not functioning optimally inside the body.

A proper digestive and hormonal system is the foundation for a healthy body, therefore it makes logical sense that if you don’t supply the basic building blocks for a healthy system, it can’t function as it’s designed to. For this reason, ensuring that the gut is in good health is a good place to start. Once the internal systems function properly, the appearance of the skin will automatically improve. A gut health test can be done with one of the integrative doctors on the team at Health Renewal.

Acne can successfully be treated topically by a number of different chemical peels, which would depend on each individual skin type and the severity of each case. A series of treatments drastically improves the condition of the skin.

Acne scarring, which can be the result of severe acne from decades prior, can be treated by skin needling procedures such as Dermapen, Mesotherapy, or the latest Platelet Rich Plasma facial, which is also known as the vampire facial.

Issues such as skin tags, razor bumps or red cheeks can be addressed by a number of laser or light treatments, such as the Nd:YAG laser, Limelight (pulsed light) or Fraxel Dual Laser. When it comes to peels, however, it is important that each case is assessed individually, before a treatment plan is put together.

Hair Maintenance

Unwanted hair on the face or body does not contribute to a groomed look. Fortunately, there are now options to have this unwanted hair removed on a permanent basis.

Laser hair removal has shown great success to permanently remove hair on the back and neck, whereas bushy eyebrows can be trimmed, and hair in the nostrils and ears can be managed by waxing.


Like their female counterparts, many men also defy the signs of ageing by making use of Botox® and fillers. But, most men are looking for slightly different results to women. Men generally want to soften their wrinkle, rather than get rid of it, to ensure they lessen the obvious signs of ageing but don’t give up their rugged look.

Men’s muscles are stronger than those of women, therefore, this procedure requires more Botulinum Toxin when done on a man, than when it is done on a woman.

The most important part of any of the procedures mentioned above is to seek professional help. Certain treatments can only be administered by medical doctors. Furthermore, peels and lasers can be dangerous, therefore it is advisable to visit an aesthetic clinic to get a full assessment in order to get an individualized treatment package worked out based on specific needs.

To find out more about male specific treatments, visit Skin Renewal on


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