The Smooch Balm Trial Team

Rollo Smooch Balm Trial TeamRich in Omega 3 and 6, rich in natural oils and rich in vitamin E, the price on Yardley’s Rollo Smooch Balm is anything but rich. This week our Beauty Masters got to test the new lip balm.

‘I was just expecting a typical balm that moisturises your chapped lips. All my perceptions were completely changed when I first looked at the Yardley Rollo Gloss Smooch Balm…’ READ MORE

– Hima

‘The balm surely does glide on smoothly and the fragrance is a divine fruity smell. It isn’t sticky or heavy and leaves behind a soft colour. It’s a good alternative to lipstick for the weekends if you’re having breakfast with friends or just a quick trip to the store!’ READ MORE

– Angelisha

‘Yardley’s Rollo Smooch Balm has a really nice, sweet smell (very light and barely noticeable). I also like the slight pink colour and gloss particles in the strawberry balm…’ READ MORE

– Tasha

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33 Responses

  1. Well my 5 year old niece decided to put a balm sneakishly in the shopping basket. I only got a chance to smell it and its very inviting.

  2. I have used the strawberry and cream one and it’s amazing! Perfect for kissing as it leaves your lips soft and supple, but without the residue of a regular balm.

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