What to apply when

What to apply whenWe all want flawless skin, and we all have products to help us get there. But the order in which you apply them is really important. Beauty Heaven get specific about following orders.

Order of application is crucial to getting the most out of your skincare regime. Unless otherwise instructed by your product packaging.

After cleansing, anything medicated or with a clinical purpose (including anti-acne creams) should go onto dry skin first so it can penetrate most effectively. Other treatments and antioxidant serums should come next, followed by moisturiser, which, while hydrating your skin, will also help seal in previously applied products.

Finally, a generous slather of sunscreen and you’re ready for make-up.

Written by Debbie, this article originally appeared on BeautyHeaven.

Image: Aspen Photo/Shutterstock.com


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  1. ok thats what i always wanted to know…thanks
    just one another thing at which point will i use a make up setter as using it after putting make up dont look good

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