The top five causes of darkened armpits

The top five causes of darkened armpits 1

Our armpits should be more or less the same colour as the skin on the rest of our bodies, but sometimes this area becomes noticeably darkened. Though this isn’t usually a sign of anything serious, it’s not something you want to be dealing with come bikini season. There are five major causes to darkened armpits:

1. Shaving
Shaving cuts hair off at, or just below, the surface of the skin. This means that if your hair is darker than your skin colour, it can appear as if the skin has a darker shadow in that area (similar to a man’s “5 o’clock shadow” stubble). Because underarm hair is almost always darker than the skin, this is one of the most common causes of darkened armpits.

The solution: Ditch the razor and invest in life-changing laser hair removal. The benefits are endless… No more redness or sensitivity, no more ingrown hair and no more darkening of the skin. And oh, the convenience of not having to shave! It may seem like a pricey option BUT in the long run you’ll save money as you won’t have the costs of expensive razors, blades and shaving foams. Skin Renewal offers save and effective laser hair removal treatments – visit your nearest branch for a consultation and patch test.

2. Antiperspirants
Though less common, it sometimes happens that some of the ingredients in antiperspirants do not agree with the skin and cause a reaction which leads to discolouration.

The solution: Try switching to a product that contains less harsh ingredients – there are various natural alternatives available these days. It is also worth switching from an antiperspirant to a deodorant instead.

3. Dead skin cell
We’re always told to exfoliate our skin regularly, but have you ever considered exfoliating your armpits? This area is often overlooked, which means dead and dry skin cells can build up and cause unevenness, resulting in a discoloured appearance.

The solution: Exfoliate the area two to three times per week. Chemical exfoliants containing lactic acid work well, or if you prefer to exfoliate manually, be sure to be gentle on the area.

4. Acanthosis nigricans
Don’t be frightened by the name! Acanthosis nigricans is a common skin pigmentation disorder, which results in dark patches of skin on the neck, armpits or groin. Because this disorder can be linked to insulin over-production it should be checked out by a professional straight away as it may be a sign of prediabetes. This is most common in men and women who are overweight.

The solution: Visit a professional if you suspect you may have Acanthosis nigricans. Many who suffer from the condition have reported that the darkening disappeared once the root of the problem was treated. The experienced doctors at Skin Renewal will be able to determine whether this is the cause or not.

5. Hyperpigmentation
When the skin produces too much pigment and it is exposed to harmful UV rays, it may result in hyperpigmentation. Though it is unlikely that armpits get enough sun exposure for hyperpigmentation to occur, it’s not impossible!

The solution: Hyperpigmentation can be treated with good quality topical creams, as well as chemical peels to exfoliate the skin under the arms. Consult your nearest Skin Renewal branch to find a solution that’s best for your needs.

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  1. When switched from shaving to waxing my underarms, I noticed that the darkness under my arms reduced from what it use to be

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