Make your lip colour last with easy tips from Sorbet

Make your lip colour last with easy tips from Sorbet 1

There’s nothing like a bold lip colour to pick you up or instantly transform an outfit. If you’re ever having a drab day, reach for lipstick! It’s amazing how it lifts your confidence and mood. Red seems to suit most (if not all) skin tones, which is why it’s the most popular lip colour in the world. Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna have rocked this timeless beauty trend. But red certainly isn’t the only flattering option out there – today, we are spoilt for choice with gorgeous nudes, pinks, plums and berries. Sorbet has a wide range of hydrating lipsticks, feather-proof lip liners and non-sticky gorgeous glosses to suit any girl’s desires. Plus, their products are super simple to use, so anyone can create the perfect lip to last for hours. All it takes is a few easy steps:

  • Prepping
  • Lining
  • Applying
  • Setting
  • Finishing

For the colour to set, you need to make sure your lips are soft, smooth and hydrated. The key to this is exfoliation. Dry and dead skin cells will not only cause your lipstick to flake, but it’ll also create a rough texture, which becomes much more noticeable when you wear a bright colour. We recommend gently rubbing a soft toothbrush over your lips in circular motions. If your lips still feel rough, try this clever trick: Using a hydrating lip balm (like the Sorbet Lip Therapy), apply way more product to your lips than you need. With a cotton bud, press and rub the product into the lips, turning the bud as you move it. This forces the moisture into the skin, but also exfoliates and removes roughness. When done, smack your lips together, and blot off the excess with a tissue. Now you’re ready for some colour!

Bold colours tend to bleed around the edges. The best way to prevent this is to create a barrier that keeps the lipstick within the lines. First, apply a skin-matching concealer or nude lip pencil just outside your lip area and tap to blend in. Next, you can add a light layer of concealer or foundation over your lips. Lightly press a tissue over them to remove any excess. This step helps affix the colour, plus it makes it stand out more.

Make your lip colour last with easy tips from Sorbet 2

Lip pencils should match your lipstick shade and blend in perfectly. A good quality lip pencil will not feather or smudge, and can be applied to the entire lip in short strokes. This creates a base colour that will not move! Next, you add a thin layer of your desired lipstick shade, and make sure it’s evenly applied.

Now here’s a pro tip: Take a sheet of tissue and separate the two layers. Press one of the layers onto the lips. With the tissue still on, take some translucent powder with a powder brush and pat over the area. This will set the lipstick onto your lips, without any residue.

Add one final thin layer of lipstick and voilà; perfect colour that lasts! With the Sorbet hydrating lippies and duo lip liners, you’ll be able to achieve this look with ease. Want a glossy finish? For a subtle shine, add a little bit of a similar toned gloss to the center of the lips. Alternatively, for super gloss (a red apple lip with red gloss looks incredibly bold for a night out) cover the entire lip, carefully, in gloss. The concealer you applied earlier will prevent it from bleeding across the lines. Finish the look off by placing the slightest amount of highlighter on your cupid’s bow, emphasising your lip shape.

And there you have it – gorgeous lips without any hassle. Stock up on your favourite Sorbet makeup products at your nearest Clicks store, or shop online here.

This post was sponsored by Sorbet.


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  1. Hey guys! Sorbet makeup is the best I have used the Cover &Go SPF6 cover and concealer and I’m impressed with the coverage I have seen using the product,I also use the Translucent Poweder to you to finish my glam look…Sorbet is the best

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