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Trend to try: Glossy eyelids

Trend to try: Glossy eyelids 2

Granted the words “sticky eyelids” or “wet-look” don’t sound very glamorous, the effortless dewy look it creates certainly can be – if executed correctly. So we tested it out and we were pleasantly surprised.

All that glitters is gloss

Trend to try: Glossy eyelids 3

The concept of glossy eyelids is not entirely new, but we were hard-pressed to find glossy alternatives locally. We love MAC’s Studio Eye Gloss, R360. It provides a hint of colour and the perfect glossy finish.

Just one product out there? Really? Revlon South Africa heard our cries and we’re excited to hear they’ll be launching a new range of Revlon ColorStay Crème Eye Shadow in mid-June. The collection of 12 wearable shades contains finely milled pigments to offer a smooth application for the perfect burst of colour with a glamorous finish. So what do we do until then? It turns out, even top runway make-up artists are DIY-ing. Create your own glossy eye make-up with, wait for it… lipgloss! It makes perfect sense really – your trusty gloss or balm contains vitamins and a hint of shine and the delicious, fruity scent is just a bonus.

Get crafty

Trend to try: Glossy eyelids 4

If the thought of applying your lip balm to your eyes is not for you, you can make your own glossy shadow. Simply use baby oil or even Elizabeth Arden 8-hour Cream, R345, and mix it with your existing shadow in a small container. Avoid glitter and you’ll be good.

Once you’ve got the gloss, now what? You’re actually just a few steps away from a fresh new look. If you’ve already premixed your gloss, application time will be even less. If not, simply choose your desired eyeshadow and slick over some gloss, oil or lip balm.

Apply with a brush or your finger – depending on how daring you feel and how glossy you want to look. If you’re opting for a balm or gloss, use the least sticky variety to ensure it’s not uncomfortable. We’re open to suffering for beauty, but not all day.

Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balm, R47,95, worked pretty well when we tested the look. Top tip: Avoid the crease as that is where the product will build-up and cause potential stickiness. If you’re all about the base, Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base, R54,95, is great to help you create a flawless surface area.

You’ve got this

Trend to try: Glossy eyelids 5

Don’t be intimidated by this look. The truth is, it’s even easier than that smokey eye and could be just as erm, eye-catching. Perfect for day and night looks; pair the glossy eye look with a matte lip and a simple sweep of highlighter on your cheekbones, or go full-on glossy (pictured above). Remember the key is to look dewy, not sweaty.

Would you experiment with this bold look? Let us know in the comments section below!


7 Responses

  1. I’m not sure I how I feel about the glossy lid trend. I think this is more runway style make up. If we could take inspiration from this and not be so harsh with the look and tone it down – as they do with runway trends and general fashion I think we’ll be good and more people will love it. I suppose the colour, pigmentation and amount of eyeshadow used determines the drama of the lid so maybe lets leave the black and go with nudes and warm shades?

  2. I absolutely love the glossy lid! It looks super cool and refreshing, I doubt I’d ever wear it. All I can imagine is my hair sticking to my eyelids like it does on my lips

  3. No thank you…. maybe for the youngsters but over 40 I think would be a big No No!

  4. Hmm not too sure about this trend. Would definitely be concerned about smudging and durability

  5. I would try this look- as a night time look though. I am just hoping its not too sticky and uncomfortable and wondering how it would work on my hooded eyelids.

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