Twisted Sista Straightening Blow Dry Cream Trial Team

Twisted Sista Straightening Blow Dry Cream

Price: R89.95
Availability: Selected retailers nationwide

What our Beauty Network Trial Team members say:
Twisted Sista Straightening Blow Dry Cream is designed to give your hair new structure and shape whilst controlling and straightening your hair as it calms and relaxes it. The packaging comes in a 100ml, lime and white container that’s simple and appealing to the eye; with directions of use and what the product is for. The product is easy to squeeze out from the container.

The product has a shampoo like texture and smells like watermelon bubble gum with a mix of apple and I love the smell. When using the product, squeeze a small amount into palm of your hands, rub together and run fingers through damp hair from root to tip and blow dry as normal. After conditioning I used the product and blow dried my afro and I didn’t notice any difference per say as I have a soft afro.

After I had finished straightening I noticed that my hair hadn’t started curling back up which is a problem I usually have, so I am happy with that. My sister has noticed what I’ve noticed as we have the same type of hair. I am happy with the results of the product but I just hope I get my afro back once I wet my hair. Nonetheless I would recommend it to anyone with African hair to try it.

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One Response

  1. Is this suitable for all hair types… also is it heavy or can it make straight, fine hair limp and greasy?

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