Using nature to get your best skin

The use of cold therapy allows the skin to feel fresh and energized. Sun, heat, dust, smog, long days, make-up, parties. All these have a negative effect on our skin, from wrinkles to sun damage and impurities, your skin is left feeling tired.

Using nature to get your best skin 1

Little Eskimo brand is committed to bringing you the best noninvasive products and treatments that promote longevity as well as a healthy and beautiful skin. We are very conscious of what we put into our bodies but we must be just as conscious of what we put onto our bodies. By using cold therapy you are not putting any harmful chemicals onto your body but rather using one of nature’s best healers, cold.

Icing has been a method of healing going back hundreds of years. From sports injuries to relaxation to headaches by harnessing the power of the cold you can reduce inflammation in the body.

Great for puffy and fatigued eyes. Chillout, take a nap and let the Little Eskimo take care of those dark circles and puffy eyes. Little Eskimo constricts blood vessels helping to reduce red eyes, bringing back those gorgeous eyes. The eye mask aids in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making you look and feel youthful.

Every social butterfly knows that sometimes one too many late nights take its toll on your skin. Little Eskimo helps relax and refresh after a long day or a late night.

The goal of Little Eskimo is to use natural methods of healing to promote an organic response in the body.

Little Eskimo face masks can be purchased from your local Skin Renewal outlet.


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  1. Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking into trying this because nothing has helped with my dark circles

  2. I will definitely look for this, I am sure it will be the best after those long tiring days at work

  3. I have dark circles under my eyes and have tries countless products however there was no joy.Will definitely try this product

  4. Would really like to try this product out. Struggling with wrinkles around the eyes.

  5. Love the article, would like to test the brand in order to review same :-)

  6. I would love to feel this brand on my skin and puffy eyes, love the brand name. Want to see the branding :)

  7. I totally love the name of the brand. It’s so cute. Thats the first thing that caught my attention. The product sounds amazing. Will buy it.

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